Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Looking Out The Window

I look out the window of my gloomy room
At the kids playing in the late afternoon
'Rowdy' and 'Hooligans', my parents would say
And would order me to stay away
I watch as they play a game of football
By the beautiful sport I'm enthralled
I had always wanted to be a footballer
But my dreams are confined to the football jersey I currently wear
Since my parents felt it was a waste, to my dismay.
They stop as a car parks in a neighbouring driveway
And out steps an elderly man
Who attempts to carry his heavy bags with his feeble hands
The kids- including the small toddler watching from the side- rush to help him
And on his aged face forms a wrinkled grin
After they finish, he offers them some money seeing as they worked so much
But they only thank him for his offer leaving me and the old man touched
For the first time, I begin to doubt my parents words
The 'hooligans' were out there, changing the world
Doing what I had been told to do my whole life
Yet to a world of study I was confined inside.

A sparrow lands on the window sill
Free to move about according to her will
Fluffs up her dazzling, brown feathers
Chirps happily, proudly showing her colours
Turns around and stares at me as if I'm some strange
Animal living in a cage
For a moment, I see a look of pity in her beady-eyes
Before she flies towards the oak tree rising high into the sky
And lands on a branch alongside her fellow sparrows
Who chirp away, never having to worry about tomorrow
I watch enviously as they fly away
Into the vast world; to me an unknown place
Until the setting sun eats them up
But wait, why does the tree partly cover the sun?
And I realize how I hadn't looked at it for a long time
The sun behind making it shine
Leaving me awestruck as the sight of this mighty tree
But not for long, for its time for me to study...


Anonymous said...

Describes the life of a desi person..
You must be from a desi country I presume..
The ending is brilliant! so is the entire poem.
Nice topic.

Ahmed Afzal said...

Amazing wallah

Maria Riaz said...