Friday, 7 July 2017

Literary Retreat

Dear Readers,

During May I met my dear friend, Farooq Qaisrani, to discuss an idea for a website. That idea has turned into a reality this month:

Literary Retreat is dedicated to the memory of the late film-critic Roger Ebert and his eponymous website. The reviews and star-ratings pay homage to his legendary career.

As you have already assumed from the title, Literary Retreat is a haven for literature lovers. We publish book reviews in every possible category. It doesn't matter when the book was published, or who wrote it, as there is no bias regarding topics on which the articles are written.

The best part is that we have an interview section. Every month we select 1-2 authors from distinct genres to crown them as our Authors for that particular Month. For July we had addiction-horror specialist, Mark Matthews, and I'm certain that he won't be the last wordsmith we'll interact him.

Farooq is responsible for all the advertising and design-related aspects of the website. Abdullah Riaz is the second contributor being a writer himself. And I am the primary content writer.

So enjoy reading the interviews and reviews. Please comment and share the articles as much as you'd like. This is more of an intellectual venture and I hope that all our visitors will leave Literary Retreat with new knowledge gained.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hazel Hues

Girl, you heal me in ways
A Shaman couldn’t interpret
Make me feel alive in ways
Angels couldn’t resurrect

Utopia came a-knockin’ at my bedroom door
I didn’t ask ‘who is it?’ ’cause I had already known

You sure are a sight for sore eyes
Where you been hidin’ those Hazel Hues?
For such a drawn-out time

Don’t wanna waste your while by asking
Could bore you to death
But you’re my vitality after I’m done fasting

I'm sure that you’re heaven-sent
’Cause if that ain’t true
Then God underestimated his ability in creating beautiful women

Even if there was a choice not to fall in love you
That face wouldn’t let me choose not to

You sure are a sight for sore eyes
Where you been hidin’ those Hazel Hues?
For such a drawn-out time
You have that gleam in your eyes
That compels me to the virtuous pathway long overdue
This passion will ignite

Baby, you lead me to the opposite of astray
And I ain’t ever gonna regret
Smoking your temptation with flickers dipping onto my ashtray

Don’t you leave me now
In this wild wilderness
My hope was waken anew

Won’t be forgettin’ you any moment soon
Just one last inquiry
Darling, where’d you been hidin’ those Hazel Hues? ...

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Starless Sight

Looking up at the sky
I see no reason why
The moon shouldn't shine tonight

Because it's our first honeymoon
Only me and you
And the moon that wouldn't shine tonight

It's a Starless night
And you're looking more than alright
Your eyes are a Starless Sight

And I know this is your initial time
So let's keep it going
On this non-moonlit night

Looking down at our lives
I see no reason why
The moon shouldn't shine tonight

Because it's the season of losing virginities under the unlit moon
Only me and you
And the moon that wouldn't shine tonight…

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Note: Happy Valentine's Day!

As we laid next to each other
Utterly motionless
I remembered that all the time we'd spent together
Was completely Emotionless...

Sunday, 12 February 2017


Your eyes, hypnotic
My dreams, erotic
Your beauty, exotic
My love, Quixotic...

Sunday, 11 December 2016

False Praise

In loving me, you gave me the power of being worshiped, by the touch of your lips
I obligated my heart to you but you owed me nothing
Yet you made me stand out as figure to be revered, an idol to be awed of
I gave my life for you but you gave me nothing

I reject the tales my new followers tell of me
I cannot take False Praise
Love is a way of life, not a religion, yet you never adored me
I cannot fake real grace

In hating me you gave me the shortcut to cutting my life short
Even though in your eyes I was immortal
I was cut down to size and hoped it all went into your history report
That even a god could be so caring and so gentle

I accept the truth my new haters spread about me
I can take malice
Yet I will never forget the woman who lived without me
A woman that only a human could cherish...  

Three Words

Was it something I never said,
or was it everything that I had said so much?

Wasn't last weekend the best time we ever had,
or was it just bad luck?

You waited for those Three Words,
I love you

I thought that actions spoke louder than words, yet I'll confess that,
I love you...