Thursday, 25 September 2014

Arabian Eyes

I met a girl at one of the top suites
Of Burj Khalifa
We danced all night until we packed up
And left for Green Mubazzarah

I miss her lips, and the way she belly-danced those hips
As she shook her shoulders

I miss the smell of her hair, I don't care
If it takes my whole life to find her

We were makin' love under the moonlight of Al Ain
We were makin' love through the night
I never knew her real name
So I called her Arabian Eyes

The sun came up and the girl was gone
Her mascara left traces in the shower
I searched the mountains, drunk with lust
But no path led to her

I miss her perfume, and the way it filled up the room
As I went inside her

I miss the warmth of her body, the way it took a hold over me
I'd give anything to again be beside her...

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Beauty has a name
It starts with a Z
And with an A

Love has a face
Projected by the eclipse
It shows once again her foregone trace

Even in death I want us to be together
Our story should be immortal
We will be together in the Hereafter
All's well that doesn't end in hell, after all

Beauty has a face
With skin snow-white and eyes that dig into my soul
Till the edge of the earth you I will chase

Cruelty has a name
Written on the palm of my hand
Fate is therefore the only circumstance to blame

I want to cement our relationship in gold Hereafter
You are my eternal lover
We will be together in the Hereafter
All's well that doesn't end at all

Take me down to the river
Baptize me with your flesh blood
Make sure I don't shiver

As your soft ice-cold hands run down my chest
Only moment where I cherish being hurt
Putting reality and fantasy to the test...

Monday, 8 September 2014

Unheard Of

Not sure if we're famous
Or that it's a mutual thought between us
Is adoration the only savior?
In this world having such a bittersweet order

And I wish all of them knew our story
For it to be renewed in uttermost glory
If it were made for the public
Would you still make my heart tick?

Our tale is still Unheard Of
Though we are so in love
Every purpose of yours I was made to serve
Then how does nobody know the way we touch?

May be we are underrated
Yet still being anticipated
Our drama could be played on the world's stage
Showcasing how true love will never fade

We should've been mentioned in the works of Shakespeare
Being talked about through every ear
You being my damsel in distress
And I rescuing you from a glass fortress

Our tale is still Unheard Of
Though we are so in lust
Any blessing of yours I was born to deserve
Then why do we no longer feel the morbidity when we get hurt?

And your figure is not unsung of
Each man craving for a touch
All those hands I would greatly cut off
To forever remain in your heart...