Friday, 28 February 2014

Seeing Stars

In the night sky
All the Stars lie
Where is her constellation?

My eyes are dry
From tears that I always cry
Whenever I am in anticipation

Dear Lord,
Let me meet my long-lost lover one last time
Dear Lord,
Let me treat her with romance one last night

Love is a two-day holiday
But what is relaxation without desire?
Depict us in a portrait as it can never age
Our devotion will not cast a shadow on the world, but rather, a fire

My universe is colorless
Without her touch
Her amour is regularly absent
Provoking me to be hurt

In the night sky
All the Stars lie
Where is her constellation?

My eyes are dry
From tears that I always cry
Dear Lord, please take away this tingling sensation

With the instruments of my temptation
I play a sad melody
Fervor is just a minor distraction
That draws out the emotions of anybody

As the believer spends their nights in repentance
I spend mine in vain
My personal life feels like a death sentence
But before dying I wish to see you again...

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Journey Through The Inhuman World

Note: The poem takes place in a zombie post-apocalyptic scenario.

The deer comes to a halt and stoops low
To feed on the grass exposed through the thick blanket of snow
As it rises, the scintillating sun
Enlightens its prominent antlers and gentle brown fur
Suddenly, the serenity of the forest is disturbed by a thundering sound
And the deer falls down.
A young, teenage boy emerges from a thicket of trees
Holsters a large rifle onto his back with great unease
And goes to admire the kill; the bullet had precisely penetrated the heart
When he looks at the flowing blood, it splits open the mental scar of his past.

His dad and him trudge through the ruined city, having stuffed their bags with food and water
For the incoming deadly winter
Though the destruction around was too severe to withstand
He still felt secure holding his father's hand.
But suddenly their intertwined fingers part ways
Followed by a terrifying explosive sound, his father moans with pain
Clutching his heart he falls down
Removes his hand to reveal a bullet wound, horrifying and round
And gives him a forlorn look, the boy could tell what he meant, "I'm going to die, son."
But how could the boy deal with the loss of another loved one?
Both look at each other for the last time
An exchange of memories between him and the boys teary eyes
Before blood gushes out of his mouth and he falls in a heap.
The boy rushes towards his father and begins to weep
His tears falling into the puddle of streaming blood
He yells clamorously- and tugs
Like he did in the mornings, when he would wake him up
But this was one sleep that could not be undone.
The grotesque image of his dead father forever engraved in his brain.
An armed guard approaches, smoking a cigarette with a cruel smile on his face
Says into his radio: "Down one trespassing scumbag."
And that was it, the boy stands
Wipes his tears and takes out his dagger
With all the strength he can muster
With his eyes burning with inhuman rage
With the love he had for his father that turns into hate
Towards this man
He streaks forward and rams
The blade deep into the man's neck
Who gurgles sickly, down falls the cigarette
The ashes scatter, burning and blackened
Along with the guard and the boy- unconscious and heartbroken.

A month later, he sits in front of a fire under the starry sky
The embers glinting like fireflies in the night
The delicious aroma of roasting deer in the air
It was on these heavenly nights, when him and his father would come here
Away from the complications of life
And hunt until the sun went down, when they would ignite
The sweet-smelling wood that would warm
Him snuggled up to his father, away from harm.
But now, though the fire burns bright
He still feels cold, missing the warmth of his father by his side
He lays his head on the cold, rough snow
And closes his eyes to face the nightmares all alone.

The city looks more horrible than ever before
All around he sees wretched remains of the undead war
It was as if the boy had entered through the gates of Hell.
His supplies are scarce, and full of regret
Hastens toward the nearby school, where they were located
Keeping to the safe paths which his father had always taken.
On a dreary-looking wall, he spots a torn poster
He moves in closer
And realizes its a poster for a familiar zombie movie
He and his friends had found it so funny
And laughed at the dying people when they had gone to watch it before
But it wasn't funny anymore.
He begins to wonder if he really was in a movie
That the director would shout "Cut!" and he would go home happy
And hug his father like he always used to do
But sadly his wishes never did come true.
The deaths he had seen explode in his brain
Of everyone he had known, and with burning rage
Rips the poster down
The frightening, bloody, gaping zombie faces staring at him from the ground.
He hears a cry for help
And looks around the corner, rifle pressed to his chest
At a bony man being chased by zombies.
He looks closer at the menacing creatures and notices...they are humans!
Just then, the poor man stumbles to the ground and his pursuers grateful
Leap onto him and do the unthinkable
They begin to eat him alive!
They rip off chunks of his flesh, ignoring his cries
And devour them ravenously
Like animals grunt out with satisfaction hungrily
The boy grabs his stomach, struggles not to fall sick
He has never seen something as wicked as this.
The bloodthirsty cannibals rip the screaming man to shreds
But the boy was too scared to help
With the rifle in his hands trembling
He takes off running
The shrieks of the man still playing in his brain
Forever to haunt him in his nightmares.

He had always thought of the school building as sinister
After so many years, he realizes how wrong he was
Though now it was in a broken-down and atrocious state
Being confined inside had meant that he was safe
From the outside world.
His eyes fall on a ruined bus
And gasps as her face flashes in the window
He could not mistake her beauty and charming glow.
Every morning, he would be grouchy until the bus would arrive
And from the window she would flash him her captivating smile
Her face was like something from an artist's portrait
Every detail faultless and perfect
That would brighten his whole day up.
He still remembers their magical conversations
In the hallway before every class
Hoping they would forever last
But it was in the hallway that they did end
The school had been violated by the undead
Among the uproar, she worked towards him in an unnatural manner
Her lifeless eyes fixed on him, determined on murder
He knew she was dead
But his love for her drew him to help
Before she could make the final, lethal bite
A bullet sank into her brain from the side
The boy's eyes wide with shock, began screaming loudly
As a police officer guides him to safety.
The boy opens his eyes as the pain of the memories subside
And hurriedly moves towards the back of the school with fear of the approaching night.

The boy fills his bag with the supplies breathing heavily
Inside the room, dark and gloomy.
His heart leaps when he hears a chilling moan from behind him
And before he can react, he feels razor-sharp teeth sink into his skin
He cries out painfully; the red-eyed zombie bites harder
The boy pulls out his dagger
And shoves it right into its head
Cracking the skull and the zombie falls down dead.
The dazed boy stares at the wound blankly
He could feel the undead monster slowly taking control of his body
All his survival had been in vain
And now only one thing remained
With fear he cowers
As he grabs the rifle and puts it in his mouth
Places his finger on the trigger; he only had to pull it
Just pull it...but he couldn't!
He throws away the gun; ashamed of his cowardliness
And spends the brief amount of time he has left thinking about the happy memories
He feels the warmth of his father by his side return
Ending his Journey Through The Inhuman World...

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Lahore Vampires

Dark-brown eyed beauties
Giving you signals for the night
Long silky-brunette haired cuties
Leaving you tongue-tied

Faces with a white glow
Black eyeliner on their eyes
They never take it slow
But who would believe my lies?

From all that I know
There are Vampires in Lahore
Not mentioned in any folklore
But from all that I know

They feast on your blood
Pit feelings never kept aside
None of your words they have understood
Now check your neck's side

That is
If you're still alive
One teeth-gritted kiss
And your life has more than died

You are now the undead
And amour is eternal
Though if you trust a Lahore Vampire after you are dead
The end will assuredly be infernal...

Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Vampire In Town

Note: Inspired by Darren Shan's 'The Saga Of Darren Shan' and 'The Saga of Larten Crepsley.'

The vampire arrives at town
Glad to have found civilization, sighs happily out loud
With his stomach rumbling for blood, determined to feed
He slinks through the still, rainy streets
Making sure no one is around
He enters through the window of a dark, quiet house
Into a room of a sleeping couple in bed.
He makes a cut in the woman's exposed leg
And drinks the sweet, savory blood.
Looks up after he has quenched his thirst
And is stunned, no, not by her beauty and allure
But because he had seen her before.
His eyes fall on her ear, running down it a small scar
And he sputters out blood as the memories hit him like a stake through the heart.

He's walking down the street in the bright afternoon
Basking in the sunlight, whistling a tune
Suddenly, around the corner, he hears a loud cry of pain
And he rushes forward to help; half-afraid
A pretty, young girl- having fallen from her bicycle- weeps softly
A deep cut running down her ear; he calmly
Covers the wound with his blue shirt.
She stops crying because of his gentle touch
And looks up into his eyes
So beginning the friendship as they both smile.

The vampire stands there, reliving the joyous moments
Until the burning, tiny rays of early sunrise leave them broken
He yearns to look into her eyes once again
But with such little time left his wishes are in vain
He frantically studies her features
Her silky hair, graceful face and gentle lips
Runs his rough, scarred hand over her soft, smooth cheeks
Looks at the man alongside her and with his heart burning with sorrow and envy turns to leave.

He felt like the boy who had run away all those years ago
How he wished he had returned home
It was the same gloomy, cloudy sky
Except he had said to her a proper goodbye
The sun rays scathe his skin
Just like the grief that had been inside him.
He puts aside all thoughts of her
And hurries forward to find a cemetery for shelter.

He stops in front of house, takes off his hood
The haven of the memories of his childhood
Though there was a different family name on the mailbox to his dismay
He could still see his father picking up the morning newspaper at the start of the new day
Flashing him a charismatic grin, as he goes inside
His loving mother, kissing him goodbye
From the porch, as he runs past the tree to catch the school bus
The tree, so old it had become
The pillar of his friendship
He could see him and his best friend playing next to it
Talking and laughing at the petty things of life
Disclosing secrets to each other behind
But he could not stay there for long
The burning rays made him unhappily move along.

He comes to a halt- as the clouds shield
The blistering sun- in front of the football field
Oh, how he had missed the beautiful sport
He had even suggested it to the higher ranking vampires, only to be ignored.
He wished he could take off running
On the grass; so tempting
Just like he would in the old days
When his friends would be amazed
By his determination and skill.
But just then the clouds open up a bit, the sun burning his skin
And rain begins to pour down
Washing away his happiness as he hurriedly moves on.

He finally arrives at a cemetery
The sunlight had damaged him badly
He frantically searches for a crypt where he can sleep in
But wait...
His eyes fall on two graves
His parents' names etched in the worn out, grey tombstones
The hardened vampire could no longer keep his feelings under control
He falls to his knees
And begins weeping noisily
His tears merge with the heavy raindrops
And fall onto the soft, mossy earth of the graves
How could he?
How could he leave behind all this?
He had searched for a meaning and purpose in life
And now what was he? A blood-sucking, ferocious vampire!
He begins to shout apologies to his parents
Curses himself for his foolishness.
Claws at the dirty covetously
As if they would miraculously rise; before his shoulders slump in defeat.
The scorching sun was eating away his skin
But the pain was incomparable for what he felt for his sin
He wishes- so that his ashes could unite with theirs- he could burn away.
But he knew that was not the vampire way
He presses his face against the dirt
As if he was hugging them without love in return
And gets up reluctantly, wiping away the tears on his aching face
For his parents he quietly begins to pray
Before to destiny he surrenders
And hastens towards shelter...

Friday, 14 February 2014


Your eyes were so inviting
The night's over as I see the moon subsiding

Still I feel something's amiss

Your welcome into my life was perfect timing
Now all these emotions you keep hiding

On a shooting star I make one last wish

Instead of just coming online tonight
Would you please be mine tonight?

Your lies revealed that you were lying
Then I witnessed the sun rising

Realized that in my soul there's a misplacement of bliss

Your departure from my life couldn't be more surprising
Now all these feelings you keep hiding

Though I keep trying to justify this

Instead of just coming online tonight
Would you please be mine tonight?

The sun is setting so swiftly
But your face is all I want to see

Because my world is at a loss
If you're not part of it my love

So Instead of just coming online tonight
Would you please be mine tonight?

Instead of letting me feel withdrawn tonight
Would you please be my valentine tonight? ...

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Forgiving a Heartbreaker

You broke the heart
Of a dreamer
He thought you were love
When all you were was evil

He visualized you
As his only mistress
Still you tempted him
Just for a relief of stress

You broke the heart
The heart of a dreamer
Lust mistaken for love
You’re a soul criminal

Now you’re asking for forgiveness
From the dreamer
But will he spare another heartbeat?
For a Heartbreaker…


When you were going to make me cry all my life
Then why did you make my heart happy Once?

Even when you’re close you seem so far away
Then why did you take my heart in haste Once?

Our memories
Are not parts of reminiscence
Your lips
Were not meant for a warm-hearted man to kiss

When you were going to wake me up every night
Then why did you sing me a lullaby Once?

When you were going to leave me tonight
When why did you promise never to say goodbye Once?

Our secrets
Should be considered as lies
Our moments
Should be delivered to someone else’s mind

When you were going to make me cry all my life
Then why did you make my heart happy Once?
Even when you’re close you seem so far away
Then why did you take my heart in haste Once? …

Saturday, 1 February 2014


Was it a sign of compassion?
A mark leading to a road by which I was led astray
Times change
Though I will always keep in mind what people say along the way

The best things go left unsaid
And better so
But I hope your memories of me never become so dead
You better go

An act of kindness
By which I became so blind
A symbol of weakness
From which I can never reverse time

An example of blindness
You never saw me cry
A Gesture of love
As I will see it till the day I die

These green leaves turn orange-brown
As they wither away
The beauty of your soul will still take the form of my heart
Regardless of its decay…

Every Time

Remember the first time?
We exchanged hellos
It was the last time
I could picture our halos

Time can never be reversed
The sad truth of life
Voices in the rain can barely be heard
Especially during twilight

Whenever you walk past by
I remember the first time
When I saw you with that smile
Now Every Time feels like the first time

Recall the last time?
We spoke delicately to each other
Neither do I
I am indeed a misled lover

Depression can never be fully healed
What psychiatrists say is a lie
Scars are never fully concealed
Just like these feelings that cannot subside

I hope this is the last time
That we see each other
Because it is past time
You confess that I am not your eternal lover…