Friday, 30 May 2014

The Theory of Imagination

I always used to believe that when we imagined something, we became gods. Gods of our own universe far far away where we could do whatever we wanted. Where there could be castles made of bacon, rivers flowing with nutella and where pain didn't exist. Well that meant that I was also simply an idea of someone just like me. But then it hit me, that no matter how hard I tried, there was always something that distracted me from my imagination and the world that I thought of disintegrated, not to dust but to absolute nothingness. Poof, just gone. That meant that all our ideas were unstable. I could sit still in a quiet place for the rest of my life, use all my brain power and yet there was always something that distracted me and destroyed my universe. Plus all our ideas were too similar to the world. We cannot imagine colours that do not exist on the pallet of colours in the world, we cannot imagine things that are not made of matter. But the world itself, in which we live, has always been stable. It has existed for millions and millions of years and never for an instant disappeared like our thoughts. So that meant the world and us, we are an idea of a superior being whose imagination is flawless and unique unlike ours. This is how I found God. Not by exploring the miracles of God's beautiful earth like most people, but by exploring the miracles of imagination that God created. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Note: Slender - (of a person or part of the body) gracefully thin.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
And in hers I am lost
As she moved her hair across the shoulder
Only then I realized her amour has a priceless cost

She tells me life is beautiful
And my notion begins to wonder
She shows me faraway paths so bountiful
And my steps start to wander

The dame is the dawn
Sun speaks the name
The orb can continue to taunt
Stubborn is the flame

Her light is a splendor
Stars glimmered across her bedroom window
Her sight is an odor
Where her almonds lure me I shall shadow

To her no man shows temper
Aggressiveness is just a spectacle
Their knees always linger
This showcase is typical

Home is where the heart is
A saying so true
She is where the art is
I have been struck too soon

When she observes anon my gaze is lowered
Restraint is a noble feat
Superior castles I have never towered
Pliancy is under her feet

Oh how my soul inclines to hinder
At her subsistence
Her figure so shapely and Slender
My life owes it all to her quintessence...

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Girl Who Cried Love

The Girl Who Cried Love
Will you not make some with me?
You are the modern epitome of cuteness
Spare a little for me

Share with me your body
And I shall lend my dreams
By surprise your smile caught me
In visions hitherto unseen

Forgive my lust
Honor my crush
For I have never slept
With a beauty as such

The Girl Who Cried Love
Will you not cry my name tonight?
As I tug on your hair
And then retire our bed to write...

Monotonous Existence

Note: About a couple who repeat the same tasks every day and can't end their boring cycle.

Emotions feel unbalanced
Each day is too similar
That even non-sense timings make sense
And the farthest destination is not that far

Life does not become any easier
Romance is all but a lie
My past needs an eraser
All I react with is a sigh

Getting tired so tired
Of being lied - being lied to
Can't just hide in this shell

Getting desired so desired
You are being lied - being lied to
This is just a Monotonous Existence

Love was always so carefree
Now I touch your skin but I can't feel
Maybe the grass isn't that green
Forever alone behind a lonesome shield

Break down the wall
Let us live like we used to
No matter how hard we fall
It's better than being lied - being lied to

Nothing to give for
Our Titanic has sunk in an emotionless ocean

Die in this alone world
This meaningless Existence
Instead of pretending to love the same way

And every day
I wish to fade
In a sundown background
Forever alone...