Sunday, 11 December 2016

False Praise

In loving me, you gave me the power of being worshiped, by the touch of your lips
I obligated my heart to you but you owed me nothing
Yet you made me stand out as figure to be revered, an idol to be awed of
I gave my life for you but you gave me nothing

I reject the tales my new followers tell of me
I cannot take False Praise
Love is a way of life, not a religion, yet you never adored me
I cannot fake real grace

In hating me you gave me the shortcut to cutting my life short
Even though in your eyes I was immortal
I was cut down to size and hoped it all went into your history report
That even a god could be so caring and so gentle

I accept the truth my new haters spread about me
I can take malice
Yet I will never forget the woman who lived without me
A woman that only a human could cherish...  

Three Words

Was it something I never said,
or was it everything that I had said so much?

Wasn't last weekend the best time we ever had,
or was it just bad luck?

You waited for those Three Words,
I love you

I thought that actions spoke louder than words, yet I'll confess that,
I love you...

Hopeless Romantic

Yes, I'm a Hopeless Romantic
As I'm hopelessly in love with you
I'm a love addict
I only get high when I'm with you

When we touched there was a static
I noticed my heartbeats reacted to yours
In this world, we're only one as a pair
Everything on this planet is ours

Yes, I'm a Hopeless Romantic
There's no shame in that
And while I'm at it
Would you stop being so sad?

Because we're only young
And there's so much to live for
Our rollercoaster ride has just begun
So let's ride it together, mi amour...

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Like the devour of chocolate
Melt in my mouth
Like ice cream too frosty to the touch
Melt in my mouth

Leave an aftertaste
The same as the perfume you were wearing
When you left our nightly abode in haste
Going out in the chilly weather, ever wandering

Let the words you had last spoken
Melt in my brain
Let the vow you had last broken
Melt in my heart

Do not get lost in the snow
And then like the constellation of the stars, become a crowd of flakes
Do not let me go
For your heart might not even yearn, but mine in each winter, breaks...