Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Keep me warm in the evening
The winter speaks to me
Telling me that I am not alright
That you are the one I need

I do require something
A kiss, a hug or even a little cuddling
You are my everything
We can embrace without actually touching

Stay with me on this bed
From dusk till dawn
I would rather be caught dead
With you on

Let me feel your Warmth
Taking over my body
The temperature suddenly becomes hot
As you are literally covering me...


Oh, how I long for your touch
It's hurting my heart too much
In your craze I crave
Fallen in love but it feels like being trapped inside a grave

And I found out I was in  love with you
When you woke my hope anew

So how long will you prolong my Longing?
Until we turn old and wither
How long will you provoke my absence of belonging?
Leave out all the misery and come hither

I've wanted you for as long as I can remember
Since the scorching heat of Dubai till its mildly cold weather
People argue where heaven is
All I know it begins with a celestial kiss

Your lips have a pinkish tone
Whenever I see them my fear is long gone
You are a glorious sight
Though I doubt you know what die-hard romance is like

And I found out I was in love with you
When I felt nothing now remained blue

So how long will you prolong my Longing?
Until we turn old and wither
How long will you provoke my absence of belonging?
Leave out all the misery and come hither

How much can a man take?
How long can a woman forsake?
Her hopeless romantic of a lover
Don't you dare prolong my Longing any further...

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Goodnight but not Goodbye

Note: Happy Shakespeare Day everyone!

Tonight is our first night
A date is a celebration
Lately we were having having caviar in the candlelight
My focus was rapt on my fascination

You were afraid that I would leave you
When dawn arrives
But even the holiest angel sees you
And wishes to mirror your sumptuous eyes

As I kiss you on the forehead
And whisper Goodnight
This does not surely mean that I will be gone by sunset
Goodnight but not Goodbye

Last night was a long night
Yet it ended too soon
You were a celestial sight
Glimmering by the moon

I remember every stroke of foreplay
The warmth with which our bodies touched
No words we could dare say
As we had gotten intimate too much

As I laid you back to sleep
Before we were bound together so tight
I left the house with an awakening to seek
Though I shall come back another bedtime

My letter was written in blood
You read it with sentimental tears
Reminiscing how we made love
One eventide felt like years

Your suitor will return
The romantic who hinted Goodnight
Or else in hell I shall burn
Goodnight but not Goodbye...

Life Story

Life is a Story
Every person you come across a character
In all this tainted glory
Are you the act or the actor?

Love is a tragedy
Not for the faint-hearted
They become afflicted before hearing sorry
When their soul mate has departed

You are not just a character
You are my night and day
Not only one chapter
Rather the world is a stage and we are the play

You are not just my love Story
Words could never fully express how much I adore you
But you are my Life Story
As truth is stranger than fiction, and this tale is true...

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Searching for Inspiration

Whilst Searching for Inspiration
I stumbled upon you
Rather than the sun you became my fascination
But I am afraid to admit that I love you

As it shall run too deep
A dangerous vow
In the heart you keep
The redness of wow

I no longer search
As I used to out of desperation
Because countless famed lovers have heard
About my newly found Inspiration

Never can I travel without her thoughts
In my head
Like guns shots
Firing at prey to make them dead

I only wish she had mercy
To not leave me drunk with thirst
I am bound by her memory
Every day it makes me hurt

So traveler do not seek Inspiration
You will tumble into something worse
A source of de novo desperation
You will stumble upon love...

In Denial

Our chemistry is undeniable
But our love is In Denial
Before almost dying
Your number was the last I dialed

I still feel safe with you
Though you have lost that attraction
That spark that I thought was in you
Now never causes a reaction

I still like being by your side
But there is a loss of temptation
Emptiness inside
I mistook your serenity for perfection

I wish there was still something between us
I still want you
Friends will continue to tease us
But I no longer love you...

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dreamer Deceived

The end is near
For every lover
But they do not fear
Now they will run for cover

But I dread you
Mistook you for a dream
In the mist I had seen you
Walking on a stream

I am a Dreamer
My mind can create any scene
I never wished to leave her
She was my actual dream

Still you persisted
Calling me to insanity
I, as a Dreamer, resisted
Yet you dragged me into reality

So what you were
A miracle rarely seen
And as a Dreamer
I got Deceived by a dream...

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Those Who Ran

Lovers have judged me for far too long
Freedom of speech
Is best kept in the writing of a poem or a song
What morale are they trying to teach?

Shakespeare never knew romance
All he wrote was drama
Still I do not require another chance
To welcome home karma

Lovers keep telling me things
That I am a heartless man
Do they know that their memories still sting?
The memories of Those Who Ran

They ran away
One by one
Leaving me in a lonely decay
Now I wish to run

I have literally felt my heart burn
They say love is the medicine
But after a while it still continues to hurt
In fact infatuation is a sin

I will never give any of them another chance
Let them die in their ill-fated romance
I will never get carried away by another chance
I would rather be deceive in hatred than in romance! ...

Name of the Flame

My heart melted like a candle
To your Flame
As it was more than I could handle
A fire I could never tame

I will live through the twilight
But be dead by dawn

My only mistake was
To consider you indifferent to everyone who played the game
I thought you were unique
Exclusive as your Name

Yet you were the opposite
Curse my vanity
By falling in love with a hypocrite (again)
I lost my sanity

I will live the rest of my life
But be dead from the inside

Do not even dare
To make me lose the sliver of feeling that I still have for you
Or say that you care
As only a fool now could adore you...

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Feels like Home

Feels like
I have been walking down the same road
Seems like
A one-way road

Take me Home
Somewhere you and I both belong
With candles glowing
And the lights off

Because I know I have been here before
Maybe it is where I should have been all this time
No need to shift me somewhere
Because this place

It Feels
Feels like Home

I followed the signs
They led me right back to you
We were on perpendicular lines
And it was over just too soon

With angels
Dancing in the dark
With candles
Providing our scenes with a luminous spark...

She Said

She Said,
''Poet why do you look at me this way?''
I replied,
''An artist first pictures elegance in his mind, then on a page''

For I saw the cruelty
Underneath your facade
Outside there is beauty
Inside an evil so odd

A shape so unbalanced
Impossible to distinguish between Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
A body ripe to be touched
Yet a soul that has constantly driven men blind

She Said,
''Poet why do you not glance at me like the others?''
I replied,
''A writer himself creates characters''

For I see you as you are
My penmanship will depict you
Just alongside the ever-fading moon you are a forgotten star
Though my lips still wish to kiss you

And I ache in this sweet bitterness
That is life
Will you be my savior from this inwardness?
As your figure tells no lies...