Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dreamer Deceived

The end is near
For every lover
But they do not fear
Now they will run for cover

But I dread you
Mistook you for a dream
In the mist I had seen you
Walking on a stream

I am a Dreamer
My mind can create any scene
I never wished to leave her
She was my actual dream

Still you persisted
Calling me to insanity
I, as a Dreamer, resisted
Yet you dragged me into reality

So what you were
A miracle rarely seen
And as a Dreamer
I got Deceived by a dream...


Anonymous said...

Keeps getting better and better.

Abdullah Riaz said...

Thats what i tell him!

Nisar Masoom said...

Haha. Thanks Anonymous reader, from the bottom of my heart. I always hope, that the next poem, turns out to be better than the last.

And Abdullah, it seems like others are giving me the same advice.

Abdullah Riaz said...

yeah because u deserve it