Saturday, 28 June 2014

Redder than any Rose

Oh, how you let a man yearn
Cause his heart to burn
Without even trying

Oh, how you tempt a man into your life
How you exempt a man from your life
Without even crying

Your beauty radiates
It glows further luminous than the moon
Falls down harder than the monsoon

Your beauty radiates
Brighter than the sun
Makes every guy's head turn

Oh, how your eyes gaze into my soul
How your complexion makes me whole
Is above me

Oh, how your lips are Redder than any Rose
How is our story still untold?
May be because you don't truthfully love me

Your beauty radiates
It awakens the heavens
You make all the angels your servants

Your beauty radiates
It makes me feel alive
Hypnotizes me into thinking I'll never die

And how I'm caught up in those eyes of yours
Even after death we could be lovers
If only you'd love me too

And how you are my every sunset
Your words would truly be heaven-sent
If you'd only not let them hurt me too...

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