Monday, 13 June 2016

Goddess of Sex

Caress me light
To relieve my sensual stress
Let the stars align
To the sound of what beats in my chest

Kiss me right
Don't let reality make a mess
Of our fantasies so divine
It puts our inhibitions to the test

You are a hotness that should always be checked
You are the Goddess of Sex
Neither of truth nor myth's lack of common sense
You are the Goddess of Sex

Like on that foremost night
Make me believe again
Where we exchanged bittersweet lies
Make us deceive again

Love me tonight
Show me the distinction between hell and heaven
Hold me tight
I want to be submerged in all your erotic presence

You are a sexiness that should always be undressed
You are the Goddess of Sex
Neither of emotions intertwined nor energies suppressed
You are the Goddess of Sex... 

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