Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Pleading Guilty

It was just so desirable
So desirable
My heart wore
An emblem so heartlessly satirical

Walked through streets cold and dark
Yet passion could not
Spare a spark
And in your web of lies I got caught

Still I want you
To want me

There is no sin
Nothing worse could happen
When you are Pleading Guilty to love
An indictment will never be enough

There is no excuse
No way the words could be misused
When I am Pleading Guilty to love
A conviction will never be enough

You were just so admirable
So admirable
My palm wore
The logo of your name so secular

Transfer me to the prison of love
And kiss me before I depart
I have no idea of what I deserve
Afterwards I might burn away the allure from your heart

Still I need you
To need me...

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