Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Thank You!

This post is dedicated to all our readers, and friends. Yesterday Poetics101 reached a massive 1000 pageviews!

Without the help of you all, our faithful readers, we would not have been blessed with such newly-found popularity.

No matter where you found out about the blog:, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We give our acknowledgement to everybody.

Also, recognition to all those who have commented, whether anonymously or non-anonymously.

Additional gratitude goes to Samie Khan and Hamza Danish. Without their friendship, and advertising back-up, Abdullah and I could not have achieved such greatness.

Remember that we are just writers. Only with readership support can we go the distance, and turn our official publication dreams to a reality.

Bless all of you - and most of all - Thank You!


Abdullah Riaz said...

This calls for Subway!
And of course you'll pay

Nisar Masoom said...

OK but then Dunkin' Donuts in on you! And Abdullah do you like your experience of blogging?

Anonymous said...

Hey poets! :3 This page is awesome :") I just simply can't resist reading through it :) I love it! ♥

Abdullah Riaz said...

I'll think about that!

Its a new and fun experience
Its a pleasure to share my poetry with others
I never really knew so many people would read it!

Abdullah Riaz said...

Oh thank u anon!

I'm honoured that you like our poetry
Keep following us and don't forget to comment!

Nisar Masoom said...

Blessings from the depth of our hearts, Anonymous reader!

Nisar Masoom said...


Yeah, same here.

Didn't know we could reach 1000 views - in a span of 1 month and a half!

Anonymous said...

"me and Abdullah"
Wrong English. Overall amazing.

Nisar Masoom said...

Thanks for pointing out the mistake, kind reader. I've fixed it and also thanks a lot for reading the post.