Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Those Who Ran

Lovers have judged me for far too long
Freedom of speech
Is best kept in the writing of a poem or a song
What morale are they trying to teach?

Shakespeare never knew romance
All he wrote was drama
Still I do not require another chance
To welcome home karma

Lovers keep telling me things
That I am a heartless man
Do they know that their memories still sting?
The memories of Those Who Ran

They ran away
One by one
Leaving me in a lonely decay
Now I wish to run

I have literally felt my heart burn
They say love is the medicine
But after a while it still continues to hurt
In fact infatuation is a sin

I will never give any of them another chance
Let them die in their ill-fated romance
I will never get carried away by another chance
I would rather be deceive in hatred than in romance! ...

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