Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Monotonous Existence

Note: About a couple who repeat the same tasks every day and can't end their boring cycle.

Emotions feel unbalanced
Each day is too similar
That even non-sense timings make sense
And the farthest destination is not that far

Life does not become any easier
Romance is all but a lie
My past needs an eraser
All I react with is a sigh

Getting tired so tired
Of being lied - being lied to
Can't just hide in this shell

Getting desired so desired
You are being lied - being lied to
This is just a Monotonous Existence

Love was always so carefree
Now I touch your skin but I can't feel
Maybe the grass isn't that green
Forever alone behind a lonesome shield

Break down the wall
Let us live like we used to
No matter how hard we fall
It's better than being lied - being lied to

Nothing to give for
Our Titanic has sunk in an emotionless ocean

Die in this alone world
This meaningless Existence
Instead of pretending to love the same way

And every day
I wish to fade
In a sundown background
Forever alone...

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