Friday, 30 May 2014

The Theory of Imagination

I always used to believe that when we imagined something, we became gods. Gods of our own universe far far away where we could do whatever we wanted. Where there could be castles made of bacon, rivers flowing with nutella and where pain didn't exist. Well that meant that I was also simply an idea of someone just like me. But then it hit me, that no matter how hard I tried, there was always something that distracted me from my imagination and the world that I thought of disintegrated, not to dust but to absolute nothingness. Poof, just gone. That meant that all our ideas were unstable. I could sit still in a quiet place for the rest of my life, use all my brain power and yet there was always something that distracted me and destroyed my universe. Plus all our ideas were too similar to the world. We cannot imagine colours that do not exist on the pallet of colours in the world, we cannot imagine things that are not made of matter. But the world itself, in which we live, has always been stable. It has existed for millions and millions of years and never for an instant disappeared like our thoughts. So that meant the world and us, we are an idea of a superior being whose imagination is flawless and unique unlike ours. This is how I found God. Not by exploring the miracles of God's beautiful earth like most people, but by exploring the miracles of imagination that God created. 

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