Sunday, 6 July 2014


Our time together has put a dent
On all the love I lent
Who knew you were hell-bent?
What we stood for just got up and went

Those words we shared
That romance we cared
All the cupid's bets we dared
Yet our relationship never fared

All I have is no Regret
For those moments spent
With your lips so heaven-sent
They got my heart spent

Remember the last time
I told you that you were mine
It felt like the first time
When I recalled that line

You say that I am unforgiving
Yet I gave you everything worth giving
And I was not worth living
With you in a reliving

So are you just going to vanish?
Reminding me that all we had was a false wish
That foremost kiss
Our angelic bliss

The past would you forego?
The future we cannot foreshadow
You are my dear and you just can't go
Leaving me desolate and so low

Our love had taken its toll
An affinity nothing but a poll
In which we voted off our soul
To the devil's goal...


Hassan Faheem said...

wow, so beautifully written. Just Amazing!

Nisar Masoom said...

Thanks for reading my dear friend. It's one of my most favorite self-written works.