Thursday, 28 August 2014


If idolizing you is blasphemy
I do not belong to any religion
If not having you is ample to me
Of my own myth I am the villain

Objurgate for I am not breathing
The air that surrounds you
Forgive me for I am not breaking
The chains that bound you

Your body is the Embodiment
Of my soul
Your study is the fulfillment
Of my goal

My life is torn
Between the Almighty and your worship
My heart has sworn
To owe everything toward your courtship

Remove your veil of envy
As it spreads like wildfire
They long to take you from me
To dismantle you of your attire

Then I found out the truth
There was more than one
Also you had allowed them to pursue you
I am just a star quite inferior to the sun

You played God with my feelings
My insides quiver at your name
You slain Cupid with your dealings
Never again shall we play this wicked game...

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