Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sleepless Nights, Dreamless Days

Kiss me tender
Until the bedsheets become warm
Make me hinder
Until this oath has been sworn

Do you still remember?
Our eventides under the radiant moon
How we used to fondle one another
Stargazing that all our chimeras would come true

Now we must face the music
That blasts reality into our ears
This is certainly not Muzak
As it would have taken away our fears

Nightmares are worse than my real life
I wish to slumber eternally
After hours I strive
Blood is shed so viciously

I see hallucinations of you dying
Over and over again
I watch you secretly crying
Has our parable come to an end?

Days are without dreams
Still each trial we withstand
Sleepless Nights flowing in a stream
We will tread to the peaks hand in hand...

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