Thursday, 25 September 2014

Arabian Eyes

I met a girl at one of the top suites
Of Burj Khalifa
We danced all night until we packed up
And left for Green Mubazzarah

I miss her lips, and the way she belly-danced those hips
As she shook her shoulders

I miss the smell of her hair, I don't care
If it takes my whole life to find her

We were makin' love under the moonlight of Al Ain
We were makin' love through the night
I never knew her real name
So I called her Arabian Eyes

The sun came up and the girl was gone
Her mascara left traces in the shower
I searched the mountains, drunk with lust
But no path led to her

I miss her perfume, and the way it filled up the room
As I went inside her

I miss the warmth of her body, the way it took a hold over me
I'd give anything to again be beside her...

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