Monday, 8 September 2014

Unheard Of

Not sure if we're famous
Or that it's a mutual thought between us
Is adoration the only savior?
In this world having such a bittersweet order

And I wish all of them knew our story
For it to be renewed in uttermost glory
If it were made for the public
Would you still make my heart tick?

Our tale is still Unheard Of
Though we are so in love
Every purpose of yours I was made to serve
Then how does nobody know the way we touch?

May be we are underrated
Yet still being anticipated
Our drama could be played on the world's stage
Showcasing how true love will never fade

We should've been mentioned in the works of Shakespeare
Being talked about through every ear
You being my damsel in distress
And I rescuing you from a glass fortress

Our tale is still Unheard Of
Though we are so in lust
Any blessing of yours I was born to deserve
Then why do we no longer feel the morbidity when we get hurt?

And your figure is not unsung of
Each man craving for a touch
All those hands I would greatly cut off
To forever remain in your heart...

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