Saturday, 27 June 2015


Must've been black magic
The way you Charmed me
With a soft-blonde hair flick
Such a seductive trick

Diverted my attention
When I was on the Highway to Hell
Stole the meaning of perfection
And turned it into your own adjective

Poetry's just a ritual
To get you on the mattress
Under the bedsheets without the robes
Unusually I'm not tense

Life's too critical
For a beauty like you to live in it
Would you be my hypnotism catalyst?
That charges me to sin

I'll be anything you say
Without regret
I'd fade away
Without quenching my thirst in the Sahara Desert

If the journey's end would lead me to you
Afterwards I'll be forgiven
Your presence would sooth
Please be my womanly heaven

Poetry's just too typical
Whispering words in your ear and you laugh sexily
Teasing comes natural
I'll feel you as long as you feel me...

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