Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Life is a debt
Paid by my heart's crest
And I survive in loneliness

Love is a liability
The chosen one has no availability
And I listen in silence

Your words differ from your deeds
Intentions so wrong that the soul bleeds
Awaiting your return

My words are too beautiful to be true
You are too be real to be you
This realm will burn

Our relationship is too Far-fetched
The basis of love is not etched
In our hands

Did you go where Cupid led?
With so many tears shed
To the forgotten lands

Where dreams are vacant streams
Melodies painful as being stung by bees
Romance becomes forgettable

The heart wishes to see what it wants to
Skies are grey when they should be blue
You are still unattainable

Our togetherness is too bleak
A life together is what we seek
But dying is the only remedy

To be alone in this fragile world
Not to feel loved only hurt
Life is a bittersweet symphony... 

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