Sunday, 4 October 2015

Desert Sun

I've been loveless in Lahore
And hopeless in Helsinki
Yet I'm not gonna let go
Of my damsel in Dubai

Tattooed poetry on my skin
Nothing could've masked the pain
Each part burned with the addition of sin
Not sure if I'm in love or insane

Because girl I'm tired of being ignored
Is love fairer than war?
This question keeps beating me at the core
With despair my eyes are sore

Now I've been loveless in Lahore
Still I wasn't bound to be dying there
Because I came upon a lore
That said my sweetheart would be residing here

But girl you just won't admit
When we met a fire was lit
Now we both crave for it
With love metal playing in the background with the utmost pitch

And I don't want any more of this
Desert Sun shimmering on your lips
Taking pictures under Burj Khalifa's silhouette
What a summer of bliss

When the Arabian moon shone on your face
I realized in my life there was a misplacement of grace
An awakening occurred of new taste
Next thing I know the veins of our loneliness became interlaced... 

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