Sunday, 12 June 2016

High Heels over Heart

Her footsteps are thudding on the dance floor
Like the blood in my veins
Eerie is the disco ball's glow
On her pristine grace

I want nothing more than to love you
I want nothing more than to hurt you

High Heels over Heart
Our love was an illusion from the start
High hopes always depart

Her fancy shoes are lurking in the shadows
Like the affection I kept in vain
Mysterious is the club's cold
On her warm face

I want everything but not to get you
I want everything but not to forget you

Blood's on my hands
Slaughtered you in my dreams
Couldn't let you walk away unseen
Forever I wish to sleep

My Heart's on the dance floor
Her High Heels trampling all over
All the people so red-stained
Still the affair's not gotten closure

The blood glistens from the glow
Just a distraction
From the hidden meaning of an attraction so longed
That it is left only as a smudge to be ridden... 

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