Friday, 5 August 2016


They said we'll never make it
They said we're just for show
And I couldn't take it
But now we've made it

Took the risk, got what we came for
No more living in the shadows of what we craved for
Trap us in World War Z anytime
We'll escape relentlessly every time

Our Death-defying romance lives on
We are alive
In the fantasy we dreamt of
Together each day and night

They said we looked bittersweet
They said we were just pretending to be
Maybe they were right
In another life

Gave it a crack of what we dreamt of
Heard Cupid's music with the sound turned off
Living big until we fade off
This earth ain't anything without us on

So please tell me if true love exists
'Cause if not I think I've found it
Discovery of the century
With my arm around it

She's all I have
Saved me from my sudden death
My long-life other half
Until death...

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