Sunday, 21 August 2016

From Dusk till Dawn

Whispers in the dark
Are not enough to endorse our love
Autumn-worn leaves eternally dropping from above
Just a sign of our condition

Hesitation marks on your wrists
After the last time we kissed
And babe it ain’t like I haven’t missed
Those lips as soft as a baby’s bottom

Maybe it’s time for it to end
Maybe we can be friends again

I just wanna hold you 
Just wanna hold on to you
Never letting you go
Baby I wanna make love all night long
From Dusk till Dawn
So that our long-lost romance would again show

Tears of joy
Are water droplets that can destroy
In this world of romance I’m unemployed
I'm alone and annoyed

Tell me if it’s alright please
At least be a bit of a tease
How you used to strike a blow at the crease
Of my heart that's now always on a lease

Maybe it wasn’t heaven-sent
Maybe you needed consent
To respawn in our sad short story
And reignite its former glory...

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