Saturday, 19 November 2016

Last Light

Note: Inspired by the video game 'Metro: Last Light'.

These tunnels I walk through are dark and dirty
Filled with a choking atmosphere of anxiety
They are dead, yet alive
All the foulest of my nightmares reside in this hive
For years, I've befriended the surrounding lack of hope.
For years, these tunnels have been my home.
With each step I take, daggers pierce through my mental scars
And my heart is choked by the memories of the past.
Without purpose, unwillingly, I move on
There are many dangers here, cannot stay in one place for long.
I've fought many monsters, I've survived
I've only lost everything, and I'm alive.
There is darkness all around, it's so full
That it's begun to seep inside, into my soul.
I continue forward, and take a sharp right
And stop as a miracle comes into my sight
It's the first light I've seen in this eternal night
It's like a dream, it's the Last Light.

Like a moth to a flame, I'm drawn towards it
My eyes transfixed, impossible to resist
There is a small crack in the ground above
Yet the heavenly glow is enough
To illuminate these hellish underground passages.
For what seems like ages,
I stand under the portal
And look in awe at the outside world
Everything is in rapture, everything in in anarchy
Explosions ring about in an addictive melody
As the outside creatures chase around and kill each other
Everyone, even the dying, are filled with laughter
So much beauty, so many illusions
So many addictions, so many delusions
There is so much freedom all around
Makes me feel like an inferior, chained to the underground
The world outside is overwhelmed with perils, and so I pray
For direction, even a hazardous way
To enter this anarchic heaven
That has now become my relentless obsession.
I stay there, even when the rains arrive
When the tears fall from the stormy skies.
I have to move on, explore the darkness of the tunnels yet again
So I can find a way to escape
But I'm held there, I've lost all my fight
Lost in the dreams of the Last Light... - Abdullah Riaz.

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