Sunday, 11 December 2016

False Praise

In loving me, you gave me the power of being worshiped, by the touch of your lips
I obligated my heart to you but you owed me nothing
Yet you made me stand out as figure to be revered, an idol to be awed of
I gave my life for you but you gave me nothing

I reject the tales my new followers tell of me
I cannot take False Praise
Love is a way of life, not a religion, yet you never adored me
I cannot fake real grace

In hating me you gave me the shortcut to cutting my life short
Even though in your eyes I was immortal
I was cut down to size and hoped it all went into your history report
That even a god could be so caring and so gentle

I accept the truth my new haters spread about me
I can take malice
Yet I will never forget the woman who lived without me
A woman that only a human could cherish...  

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