Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Goodnight but not Goodbye

Note: Happy Shakespeare Day everyone!

Tonight is our first night
A date is a celebration
Lately we were having having caviar in the candlelight
My focus was rapt on my fascination

You were afraid that I would leave you
When dawn arrives
But even the holiest angel sees you
And wishes to mirror your sumptuous eyes

As I kiss you on the forehead
And whisper Goodnight
This does not surely mean that I will be gone by sunset
Goodnight but not Goodbye

Last night was a long night
Yet it ended too soon
You were a celestial sight
Glimmering by the moon

I remember every stroke of foreplay
The warmth with which our bodies touched
No words we could dare say
As we had gotten intimate too much

As I laid you back to sleep
Before we were bound together so tight
I left the house with an awakening to seek
Though I shall come back another bedtime

My letter was written in blood
You read it with sentimental tears
Reminiscing how we made love
One eventide felt like years

Your suitor will return
The romantic who hinted Goodnight
Or else in hell I shall burn
Goodnight but not Goodbye...

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