Sunday, 28 December 2014

Ta'al Al Ain

Note: This is a lyrical poem with samples taken from the song Nour El Ain by Egyptian singer Amr Diab.

Habibi Ta'al Al Ain
Habibi nour el ain
Beloved come hither to Al Ain
Beloved you are the light of my eyes

Ya sakin khayali
Aashek bakali sneen wala ghayrak bibali
You live in my dreams
Out of One Thousand and One Arabian Nights spend one with me

Come hither to Al Ain
And we'll wait for the summer rain
I'll show you sights seen
Like Green Mubazzarah and Jabal Hafeet

I just want you in my embrace again
And we won't let go of each other till the night's end
I'll show you sights unseen
Sleeping within a dream...

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Say It Isn't So

Say It Isn't So
But beloved, your eyes tell a different story

Oh, my beloved

That there is only truth in your lies
That you're the only person I wish to include in my love life

(Those eyes) Light higher than the heavens
Shinier than the moonlit treasures
You are an everlasting radiance
More sensual than any sense

Without you I am lost
You are Cleopatra
Ruling over the world
And I'm just another poet of Arabia

My name is discreetly on your lips
I can still feel the softness of your skin on my fingertips
I don't know for how long
My heart has been longing to call you back from the abyss

Say It Isn't So
But beloved, this feeling tells a different story

Oh, my beloved

That you actually feel sad whenever you sigh
That you know mad I've become since looking at your eyes

(Those eyes) Light higher than the heavens
Shinier than the moonlit treasures
In this odyssey of romance, you are mine
On dark paths, you are my star-lit guide

You are Snow White
Your beauty renowned all over the world
For you I will write
Whatever is worthy of your love

For you so many poems I've written
Every moment I had with you has become reminiscent
Wherever I look
A momentary glimpse of you is present

For you so many times I've been smitten
Every moment I had with you has become reminiscent
Whenever I feel
The scent of your perfume is present...

Saturday, 29 November 2014

The IndoPakistani One

Note: This is a lyrical poem inspired by rock band Slipknot's The Negative One. It is originally written by guitarist James Root, and vocalist Corey Taylor.

Note (2): This poem describes how Pakistan has fallen so low politically. And how it might have been better if Pakistan and India had never gotten separated.

Tobacco and caffeine, a lot of nicotine
I'm going to burn so I better tell you everything
The socialism, the capitalism
Never mind 'cause you're never gonna get this
The same drama on a different channel
I'm bound to walk with a bomb strapped to my chest
At least I'm next in line to being called an extremist

The Two-Nation Theory
The crescent and star

You had to be set free

Opposing parties
Your choices are

The IndoPakistani One and me

Gandhi, why were we enemies?
I never follow and I never make apologies
Your dementias, are gonna get ya
Because your provinces can't support each other
Settle for the cynical, you're so political
You're getting ready 'cause the first move is critical
Hypocrisy, explains our idealism
What did we learn from our time in colonialism?

The Two-Nation Theory
The crescent and star

You had to be set free

Opposing parties
Your choices are

The IndoPakistani One and me

The Sindhi, The Pathan, The Punjabi
(they all will fall)
The cystic, symbolic condition
Egregious, replete with these regions
Succumb to the selfish creation
(your failure)

No accountability, no divisibility
I point the finger but my own people are holding it against me
Lies being spread about anti-fascism
News centered on sarcasm
When the innocent begin to circumvent
The color fades, but the picture is vibrant
What do you believe? Does it matter now?
Turn away, the saints are on death row

The Two-Nation Theory
The crescent and star

You had to be set free

Opposing parties
Your choices are

The IndoPakistani One and me...

Saturday, 22 November 2014


The warmth of your fingertips
Thawed the frost in my heart
The loss of your rounded hips
Has torn me apart

I wish I could fall in love
For the first time again
I wish I could solve
Every god damn problem

My love wants to melt inside your mouth
Like the devour of Chocolate
No longer will we be apart
We cannot be separated not even by fate

And let our lips embrace
In a love-lock chamber
If you depart leave a trace
Be it the scent of when we were together

I want our tongues to kiss
In a chokehold
I want our adoration to face
All the enmity in the world

My heart wants to melt
With the blood on your hands
Feel what I always felt
In my exotic rainbow lands...

Friday, 31 October 2014

Maze of Uncertainty

Whispering in small, invisible voices
Strange and mysterious
Opportunities pass me by
Like the scintillating snowflakes falling from the sky
That melt when they touch the skin
Leaving the sensation of regret and of guilt
As a chilly, deathly wind blows
These snowflakes fall into the soiled snow
Piled high, covering the entire street
This graveyard of opportunities
Ignored and unseen.
Upon this snow, stands a snowman
With a furry coat, a colourful hat
And a big, comical smile on his face
For a moment, light reflects off his surface
Sunlight,as it manages to briefly escape the clouds
All around,
A dazzling yellow glow
For me it my be a symbol of hope
Yet for the snowman it spells his death.
But still he got his chance in the end
To have lived, to be content and happy
Unlike me
And unlike the homeless man that shivers on the bench
Whose only protection is a tattered blanket.
The snowflakes fall down like his invisible tears
His face contorted, teeth clenched, in distress and fear
He stares at me through his blood-shot eyes
Warning me with a thousand, invisible cries
To not let these opportunities go away
Before they become my grave
Like the snow under which he slowly dies...
In a nearby house someone catches my eye
A man standing on his front porch
Which is spotless, like his clothes
In his hand, a mug of hot coffee
Which he sips on as he smiles at me
A smile without tension and worries.
As he returns to his house, full of comfort and luxuries
The steam from his mug intertwines into a hand
Luring me towards all that I could have
Which is hard to see
The fogged window making them invisible to me
The snowflakes that cling onto my body
Suddenly seem so heavy
Their weight slowly and steadily increases
'You're wasting opportunities.'
I make my way forward in the Maze of Uncertainty
So many voices, so many voices.

Its autumn time, the park is full of happiness
Children play around, full of merriment
But all this joy is unfamiliar to me
Instead my eyes are on the towering, oak tree
Under which stands a man
Whose worker clothes label him an outcast
Hardened face, frustrated frown
His aching arms removing sweat from his brow
Carrying not only an overflowing bag
But also his broken dreams on his stooped back
He slowly picks up his wasted opportunities
Trash and dead leaves
That are relentlessly thrown down
By the tree and children, to the ground
The wind mockingly scatters them about
Laughter from the children around
His difficulties and efforts ignored.
Suddenly, for a split-second, everything darkens
The colours of the sunset waver
And everyone disappears, but the tree and worker
And though everything else seems unchanged
It feels like a different place
The wind grows stronger
And swirls around the worker
Makes his stooped back rise
The twilight behind falling onto him like a spotlight
The uniform he wears transforms into one of power and authority
A man of importance, a man he could have been
His face beams with radiant confidence
The wind bows down to him
The leaves rustle feverishly in an applause.
Until the spotlight withdraws
As the twilight slowly begins to die
Heading towards the foreboding night.
The worker returns to what he was
A miserable ghost among us
The applause perishes to eerie warnings
Besides me, the wind brings in dead leaves
'Do not waste these opportunities.'
So many voices, so many voices.

Voices call out to me
Some belong to my friends and family
Others unknown to me
So many voices, what should I do?
Who do I listen to?
Some are tempting, some are seductive
But their sole purpose in my destruction
Some give me chances to follow my dreams
But these are too hard to seek.
I long to hear the chirping of birds
The sounds of nature and of the world
And the voice I want to hear most of all
Is my own
Which is lost in this Maze of Uncertainty...
So many voices, so many voices
I can't decide, I can't decide
Will I face them? Or will I hide? ... 

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Note: This poem is inspired by the 2004 song Vermilion by the band Slipknot.  The lyrics were written by bassist Paul Gray who passed away on May 24, 2010. I dedicate these verses to him

Note (2): The original track talked about a man who is in love with an illusory woman . But he cannot  make make her real. In this case I re-made the story; a man is sexually attracted to a woman but she wants him to adore her. So the composition deals with him trying to turn his lust into love.

She seems undressed in all the figments
Of past fantasies
So transparent yet so adorable
She continues to be it

Creamy soft hands that press
Against my thigh and my chest
Enter the night that I tried to become hers

Ohhh, she's the only one that makes me whole

She is everything and more
The antonym of satanic
My Cleopatra bathed in temptation
She is lust to me

I get nervous, my superficiality hinders
At the sight of her purity
It's now or never I'm becoming hers

Ohhh, she's the only one that makes me whole

Isn't hard to say what caught my attention
Fixed and crazy, animalistic attraction
Carve her name on my heart to simplify
Such an aloof wallflower, to romanticize

I won't let this love build up inside of me
I won't let this love build up inside of me

I'm a sadomasochist, and I am a Casanova
No chaste restraints and repeat solicitors
I exist through my need to be sexually satisfied
She is something in me, that can't be justified

I won't let this love build up inside of me
I wont let this love build up inside of me

I can't feel!
I can't make myself feel!

I can't feel
I can't make myself feel...

Saturday, 11 October 2014

My Mistress

Absenteeism was always in her to-do-list
Still I met her in my dreams
With a welcoming passionate kiss
Or so it seems

Hope my wife doesn't find out
Secrecy isn't sin
But one night I'm sure she'll ask
Where I've been

Been a long time
And I'm still lying for her sweet bliss
Just the sound of her heart beating makes me rhyme
Where art thou My Mistress?

I shouldn't hold another woman like this
But I'm tempted
Just wish that from all sins of adultery
I'm exempted

She's not only the fire
Also the breeze
That keeps the flames alive
Or so it seems...

The Raven-haired

She looks at me as if
As if she wants to get inside
Without even contemplating of what is
Inside her hazel eyes

Slowly I burn
In her craze
She just sits there without a word
I stand in her craze

My heart pounds
It is alive again
Making silly sounds
Readying me for heaven

And that Raven hair
So long and so sexy
With skin milky fair
I am obliged to let her drown me...

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Arabian Eyes

I met a girl at one of the top suites
Of Burj Khalifa
We danced all night until we packed up
And left for Green Mubazzarah

I miss her lips, and the way she belly-danced those hips
As she shook her shoulders

I miss the smell of her hair, I don't care
If it takes my whole life to find her

We were makin' love under the moonlight of Al Ain
We were makin' love through the night
I never knew her real name
So I called her Arabian Eyes

The sun came up and the girl was gone
Her mascara left traces in the shower
I searched the mountains, drunk with lust
But no path led to her

I miss her perfume, and the way it filled up the room
As I went inside her

I miss the warmth of her body, the way it took a hold over me
I'd give anything to again be beside her...

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Beauty has a name
It starts with a Z
And with an A

Love has a face
Projected by the eclipse
It shows once again her foregone trace

Even in death I want us to be together
Our story should be immortal
We will be together in the Hereafter
All's well that doesn't end in hell, after all

Beauty has a face
With skin snow-white and eyes that dig into my soul
Till the edge of the earth you I will chase

Cruelty has a name
Written on the palm of my hand
Fate is therefore the only circumstance to blame

I want to cement our relationship in gold Hereafter
You are my eternal lover
We will be together in the Hereafter
All's well that doesn't end at all

Take me down to the river
Baptize me with your flesh blood
Make sure I don't shiver

As your soft ice-cold hands run down my chest
Only moment where I cherish being hurt
Putting reality and fantasy to the test...

Monday, 8 September 2014

Unheard Of

Not sure if we're famous
Or that it's a mutual thought between us
Is adoration the only savior?
In this world having such a bittersweet order

And I wish all of them knew our story
For it to be renewed in uttermost glory
If it were made for the public
Would you still make my heart tick?

Our tale is still Unheard Of
Though we are so in love
Every purpose of yours I was made to serve
Then how does nobody know the way we touch?

May be we are underrated
Yet still being anticipated
Our drama could be played on the world's stage
Showcasing how true love will never fade

We should've been mentioned in the works of Shakespeare
Being talked about through every ear
You being my damsel in distress
And I rescuing you from a glass fortress

Our tale is still Unheard Of
Though we are so in lust
Any blessing of yours I was born to deserve
Then why do we no longer feel the morbidity when we get hurt?

And your figure is not unsung of
Each man craving for a touch
All those hands I would greatly cut off
To forever remain in your heart...

Thursday, 28 August 2014


If idolizing you is blasphemy
I do not belong to any religion
If not having you is ample to me
Of my own myth I am the villain

Objurgate for I am not breathing
The air that surrounds you
Forgive me for I am not breaking
The chains that bound you

Your body is the Embodiment
Of my soul
Your study is the fulfillment
Of my goal

My life is torn
Between the Almighty and your worship
My heart has sworn
To owe everything toward your courtship

Remove your veil of envy
As it spreads like wildfire
They long to take you from me
To dismantle you of your attire

Then I found out the truth
There was more than one
Also you had allowed them to pursue you
I am just a star quite inferior to the sun

You played God with my feelings
My insides quiver at your name
You slain Cupid with your dealings
Never again shall we play this wicked game...

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Sleepless Nights, Dreamless Days

Kiss me tender
Until the bedsheets become warm
Make me hinder
Until this oath has been sworn

Do you still remember?
Our eventides under the radiant moon
How we used to fondle one another
Stargazing that all our chimeras would come true

Now we must face the music
That blasts reality into our ears
This is certainly not Muzak
As it would have taken away our fears

Nightmares are worse than my real life
I wish to slumber eternally
After hours I strive
Blood is shed so viciously

I see hallucinations of you dying
Over and over again
I watch you secretly crying
Has our parable come to an end?

Days are without dreams
Still each trial we withstand
Sleepless Nights flowing in a stream
We will tread to the peaks hand in hand...

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Dreamt a Dream

I Dreamt a Dream
Where the birds chirped along my serenades
Where the morose life was unseen
And beauty never fades

I left a theme
A painting of our romance in likeness of Van Gogh
I smelt a cream
The lusciousness of your skin and all

Were it not for reality
We would live for a thousand years
Were it not for liability
Love would not be a debt with humanly fares

For do not call romance unworthy
It is a Dream undreamt
A twosome fury
More than heaven-sent

We will design our own cloud nine
Let it be tainted
With the devil's wine
But our lives shall not be fated...

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Whether or Not

With honesty you tell me
Whether you love me or Not
With clarity you tell me
Whether you want me or Not

I can finally afford to live
'Cause reality is better than my dreams
No debt to give
Or so it seems

I feel an electrifying rush flow through me
The passion of our romance
I write down all the lovey-dovey lines you say to me
Maybe our fable stands a real chance

So with no regrets you tell me
Whether you adore me or Not
These words I'll never forget just tell me
Whether I bore you or Not

Never had I had yearnings of these kind before
And that is before meeting you
Never had I had earnings of these type before
And that is after greeting you

My songs never had hidden meanings
Now they symbolize life and longing
I never went through quixotic dealings
Now to your essence I find a belonging

With all your heart tell me
Whether you love me or Not
Without recalling your past just tell me
Whether you want me or Not

Be it spoken or on paper tell me
Whether you love me or Not
Be it by an gesture please tell me
Whether you want me or Not

In my solitary moments
I think about your happiness
Hope brings about torments
I hope my deeds will never bring you sadness

So with all your fire tell me
Whether you love me or Not
With all your desire tell me
Whether you want me or Not

The truth is
I cannot be without you
Whether you love me too or Not

Only in togetherness there is bliss
I cannot forget about you
Whether you want me to or Not...

Friday, 25 July 2014

Lost for Words

Note; The following ode celebrates the 2K views received by the blog. Thanks to all our dear readers for making this triumph possible. Love to all.

Slippery snake
How I long to hold on to you for a long time
It was an honest mistake
To call you mine

Time won't let me go
Just like the ghost of love
That won't make you grow old
It I forever must serve

What have you done to me?
What masculine prize do you seek?
Not only have you made me fall in love
You've let a poet get Lost for Words

I searched for every verse
Ever dedicated to your beauty
It is a curse
That there aren't more than plenty

I miss every single tear you cried
For him
I kiss every hindered emotion goodbye
And try not to be carried away by sin...

Sunday, 6 July 2014


Our time together has put a dent
On all the love I lent
Who knew you were hell-bent?
What we stood for just got up and went

Those words we shared
That romance we cared
All the cupid's bets we dared
Yet our relationship never fared

All I have is no Regret
For those moments spent
With your lips so heaven-sent
They got my heart spent

Remember the last time
I told you that you were mine
It felt like the first time
When I recalled that line

You say that I am unforgiving
Yet I gave you everything worth giving
And I was not worth living
With you in a reliving

So are you just going to vanish?
Reminding me that all we had was a false wish
That foremost kiss
Our angelic bliss

The past would you forego?
The future we cannot foreshadow
You are my dear and you just can't go
Leaving me desolate and so low

Our love had taken its toll
An affinity nothing but a poll
In which we voted off our soul
To the devil's goal...


Rejoice in my despair
For I have not brought you enough sorrow
Showing me that you still care
If I'd be alive tomorrow

Highlight your love for me in a moonlit shadow
Proving that you still care
If I'd be here tomorrow
Life after death is not fair

Rejoice in my despair
Your hatred never seemed so shallow
Showing me that you'll still be there
When I'm gone tomorrow...

Friday, 4 July 2014

The Cruel Urban Jungle

I open my sleep-ridden eyes
Shielding them from the annoying sunlight
I stretch my arm to the side
To grasp the hand of my wife
Like I did each heavenly morning
But instead I grab nothing
And realize that I had only recently divorced
I turn to my side, my heart leaps into my throat
The alarm clock glares at me
The red numbers, scary and deathly
I'm late!
I jump off the bed and fiery pain greets me
As the table bangs against my knee
Overcome by panic, sensing a blur
I blindly put on my suit
God, it was uncomfortable.
I hurry downstairs to the kitchen table
Shove the food down my throat
My son jabbers away, telling me that after work
I should play football with him but that was the least of my concerns
He tugs roughly at my shoulder to get my attention
And hot, sizzling coffee drops all over me
I scream out in agony
Overcome by rage, I yell at him
And with hurt in his eyes he slumps away
Kids, what good were they for anyways!?
I rush to the front door panting
And feel like I'm forgetting something
I can't understand why?
Until I realize it's my wife would wave me goodbye
From the front door
Now instead of her, dirt and rubbish lie on the porch.
I look into the car's mirror
And gape at it in horror
I could barely recognize my own face
Messy hair, blood-red eyes, skin deathly pale
I notice that I'm wearing different coloured socks
As I step hard on the pedal and hurry to work.

Fired bullets sink deep into my mind
At least that's what it feels like
Cars honk angrily at each other
People talking noisily to one another
Traffic jammed on the road
Refusing to move forward
My head slumps in frustration
Could it get any worse?
A loud thud
As two cars crash into each other
The drivers argue until one of them
Pounces on to the other, total mayhem
He's the one with the luxurious Porsche and he emerges victorious
As people separate them before it can get worse
Police arrive and arrest him
And yet on his face I see a grin
Well, whatever money he was going to be fined
I'm sure he wasn't going to mind.
The traffic jam refuses to subside
So I park the car on the road side
And decide to walk the rest of the way to work.
Scrambling through the forest of people takes sheer effort
Incidentally, I run into a friend of mine
Who waves at me, I wave back with a fake smile
He asks me how is life?
And I reply with lies
More lies, more lies, more lies
Until we bid each other goodbye.
As I continue walking I trip over something
A homeless man's trailing bony leg
Who wears bedraggled clothes on sickly pale skin
I angrily curse at him
And yet he doesn't show a hint of understanding
Staring ahead as if hypnotized by the working men and women that pass above him
He has that look in his eyes
Of someone who has given up on life.
I hear a scream from the road
Blood spilled all over
A cat run over by a car
Her leg torn apart
Meows painfully with short, stuttering yelps
But the people ignore her and don't help
There is still time to save her
Before she's finished off as a truck runs over.
''Dirty animals ruining our city''
Someone says standing beside me
As I dust off my suit
And rush towards work.

I drop my head on the desk, into a deep sea of papers
Bills, more bills, and forgotten reminders
I was late of course
And now fired by my boss.
I replay the moment in my head
How he'd roared at me, his face fiery red.
I gather all my stuff and head for the exit door
Looking back at my fellow employees who happily talk to each other
Only a few minutes ago they had sorry looks on their faces
Telling me that they understood my pain.
I sigh letting out all the frustration and agony
And make my way towards the hell that awaited me.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Redder than any Rose

Oh, how you let a man yearn
Cause his heart to burn
Without even trying

Oh, how you tempt a man into your life
How you exempt a man from your life
Without even crying

Your beauty radiates
It glows further luminous than the moon
Falls down harder than the monsoon

Your beauty radiates
Brighter than the sun
Makes every guy's head turn

Oh, how your eyes gaze into my soul
How your complexion makes me whole
Is above me

Oh, how your lips are Redder than any Rose
How is our story still untold?
May be because you don't truthfully love me

Your beauty radiates
It awakens the heavens
You make all the angels your servants

Your beauty radiates
It makes me feel alive
Hypnotizes me into thinking I'll never die

And how I'm caught up in those eyes of yours
Even after death we could be lovers
If only you'd love me too

And how you are my every sunset
Your words would truly be heaven-sent
If you'd only not let them hurt me too...

Friday, 30 May 2014

The Theory of Imagination

I always used to believe that when we imagined something, we became gods. Gods of our own universe far far away where we could do whatever we wanted. Where there could be castles made of bacon, rivers flowing with nutella and where pain didn't exist. Well that meant that I was also simply an idea of someone just like me. But then it hit me, that no matter how hard I tried, there was always something that distracted me from my imagination and the world that I thought of disintegrated, not to dust but to absolute nothingness. Poof, just gone. That meant that all our ideas were unstable. I could sit still in a quiet place for the rest of my life, use all my brain power and yet there was always something that distracted me and destroyed my universe. Plus all our ideas were too similar to the world. We cannot imagine colours that do not exist on the pallet of colours in the world, we cannot imagine things that are not made of matter. But the world itself, in which we live, has always been stable. It has existed for millions and millions of years and never for an instant disappeared like our thoughts. So that meant the world and us, we are an idea of a superior being whose imagination is flawless and unique unlike ours. This is how I found God. Not by exploring the miracles of God's beautiful earth like most people, but by exploring the miracles of imagination that God created. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Note: Slender - (of a person or part of the body) gracefully thin.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
And in hers I am lost
As she moved her hair across the shoulder
Only then I realized her amour has a priceless cost

She tells me life is beautiful
And my notion begins to wonder
She shows me faraway paths so bountiful
And my steps start to wander

The dame is the dawn
Sun speaks the name
The orb can continue to taunt
Stubborn is the flame

Her light is a splendor
Stars glimmered across her bedroom window
Her sight is an odor
Where her almonds lure me I shall shadow

To her no man shows temper
Aggressiveness is just a spectacle
Their knees always linger
This showcase is typical

Home is where the heart is
A saying so true
She is where the art is
I have been struck too soon

When she observes anon my gaze is lowered
Restraint is a noble feat
Superior castles I have never towered
Pliancy is under her feet

Oh how my soul inclines to hinder
At her subsistence
Her figure so shapely and Slender
My life owes it all to her quintessence...

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Girl Who Cried Love

The Girl Who Cried Love
Will you not make some with me?
You are the modern epitome of cuteness
Spare a little for me

Share with me your body
And I shall lend my dreams
By surprise your smile caught me
In visions hitherto unseen

Forgive my lust
Honor my crush
For I have never slept
With a beauty as such

The Girl Who Cried Love
Will you not cry my name tonight?
As I tug on your hair
And then retire our bed to write...

Monotonous Existence

Note: About a couple who repeat the same tasks every day and can't end their boring cycle.

Emotions feel unbalanced
Each day is too similar
That even non-sense timings make sense
And the farthest destination is not that far

Life does not become any easier
Romance is all but a lie
My past needs an eraser
All I react with is a sigh

Getting tired so tired
Of being lied - being lied to
Can't just hide in this shell

Getting desired so desired
You are being lied - being lied to
This is just a Monotonous Existence

Love was always so carefree
Now I touch your skin but I can't feel
Maybe the grass isn't that green
Forever alone behind a lonesome shield

Break down the wall
Let us live like we used to
No matter how hard we fall
It's better than being lied - being lied to

Nothing to give for
Our Titanic has sunk in an emotionless ocean

Die in this alone world
This meaningless Existence
Instead of pretending to love the same way

And every day
I wish to fade
In a sundown background
Forever alone...

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Keep me warm in the evening
The winter speaks to me
Telling me that I am not alright
That you are the one I need

I do require something
A kiss, a hug or even a little cuddling
You are my everything
We can embrace without actually touching

Stay with me on this bed
From dusk till dawn
I would rather be caught dead
With you on

Let me feel your Warmth
Taking over my body
The temperature suddenly becomes hot
As you are literally covering me...


Oh, how I long for your touch
It's hurting my heart too much
In your craze I crave
Fallen in love but it feels like being trapped inside a grave

And I found out I was in  love with you
When you woke my hope anew

So how long will you prolong my Longing?
Until we turn old and wither
How long will you provoke my absence of belonging?
Leave out all the misery and come hither

I've wanted you for as long as I can remember
Since the scorching heat of Dubai till its mildly cold weather
People argue where heaven is
All I know it begins with a celestial kiss

Your lips have a pinkish tone
Whenever I see them my fear is long gone
You are a glorious sight
Though I doubt you know what die-hard romance is like

And I found out I was in love with you
When I felt nothing now remained blue

So how long will you prolong my Longing?
Until we turn old and wither
How long will you provoke my absence of belonging?
Leave out all the misery and come hither

How much can a man take?
How long can a woman forsake?
Her hopeless romantic of a lover
Don't you dare prolong my Longing any further...

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Goodnight but not Goodbye

Note: Happy Shakespeare Day everyone!

Tonight is our first night
A date is a celebration
Lately we were having having caviar in the candlelight
My focus was rapt on my fascination

You were afraid that I would leave you
When dawn arrives
But even the holiest angel sees you
And wishes to mirror your sumptuous eyes

As I kiss you on the forehead
And whisper Goodnight
This does not surely mean that I will be gone by sunset
Goodnight but not Goodbye

Last night was a long night
Yet it ended too soon
You were a celestial sight
Glimmering by the moon

I remember every stroke of foreplay
The warmth with which our bodies touched
No words we could dare say
As we had gotten intimate too much

As I laid you back to sleep
Before we were bound together so tight
I left the house with an awakening to seek
Though I shall come back another bedtime

My letter was written in blood
You read it with sentimental tears
Reminiscing how we made love
One eventide felt like years

Your suitor will return
The romantic who hinted Goodnight
Or else in hell I shall burn
Goodnight but not Goodbye...

Life Story

Life is a Story
Every person you come across a character
In all this tainted glory
Are you the act or the actor?

Love is a tragedy
Not for the faint-hearted
They become afflicted before hearing sorry
When their soul mate has departed

You are not just a character
You are my night and day
Not only one chapter
Rather the world is a stage and we are the play

You are not just my love Story
Words could never fully express how much I adore you
But you are my Life Story
As truth is stranger than fiction, and this tale is true...

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Searching for Inspiration

Whilst Searching for Inspiration
I stumbled upon you
Rather than the sun you became my fascination
But I am afraid to admit that I love you

As it shall run too deep
A dangerous vow
In the heart you keep
The redness of wow

I no longer search
As I used to out of desperation
Because countless famed lovers have heard
About my newly found Inspiration

Never can I travel without her thoughts
In my head
Like guns shots
Firing at prey to make them dead

I only wish she had mercy
To not leave me drunk with thirst
I am bound by her memory
Every day it makes me hurt

So traveler do not seek Inspiration
You will tumble into something worse
A source of de novo desperation
You will stumble upon love...

In Denial

Our chemistry is undeniable
But our love is In Denial
Before almost dying
Your number was the last I dialed

I still feel safe with you
Though you have lost that attraction
That spark that I thought was in you
Now never causes a reaction

I still like being by your side
But there is a loss of temptation
Emptiness inside
I mistook your serenity for perfection

I wish there was still something between us
I still want you
Friends will continue to tease us
But I no longer love you...

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Dreamer Deceived

The end is near
For every lover
But they do not fear
Now they will run for cover

But I dread you
Mistook you for a dream
In the mist I had seen you
Walking on a stream

I am a Dreamer
My mind can create any scene
I never wished to leave her
She was my actual dream

Still you persisted
Calling me to insanity
I, as a Dreamer, resisted
Yet you dragged me into reality

So what you were
A miracle rarely seen
And as a Dreamer
I got Deceived by a dream...

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Those Who Ran

Lovers have judged me for far too long
Freedom of speech
Is best kept in the writing of a poem or a song
What morale are they trying to teach?

Shakespeare never knew romance
All he wrote was drama
Still I do not require another chance
To welcome home karma

Lovers keep telling me things
That I am a heartless man
Do they know that their memories still sting?
The memories of Those Who Ran

They ran away
One by one
Leaving me in a lonely decay
Now I wish to run

I have literally felt my heart burn
They say love is the medicine
But after a while it still continues to hurt
In fact infatuation is a sin

I will never give any of them another chance
Let them die in their ill-fated romance
I will never get carried away by another chance
I would rather be deceive in hatred than in romance! ...

Name of the Flame

My heart melted like a candle
To your Flame
As it was more than I could handle
A fire I could never tame

I will live through the twilight
But be dead by dawn

My only mistake was
To consider you indifferent to everyone who played the game
I thought you were unique
Exclusive as your Name

Yet you were the opposite
Curse my vanity
By falling in love with a hypocrite (again)
I lost my sanity

I will live the rest of my life
But be dead from the inside

Do not even dare
To make me lose the sliver of feeling that I still have for you
Or say that you care
As only a fool now could adore you...

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Feels like Home

Feels like
I have been walking down the same road
Seems like
A one-way road

Take me Home
Somewhere you and I both belong
With candles glowing
And the lights off

Because I know I have been here before
Maybe it is where I should have been all this time
No need to shift me somewhere
Because this place

It Feels
Feels like Home

I followed the signs
They led me right back to you
We were on perpendicular lines
And it was over just too soon

With angels
Dancing in the dark
With candles
Providing our scenes with a luminous spark...

She Said

She Said,
''Poet why do you look at me this way?''
I replied,
''An artist first pictures elegance in his mind, then on a page''

For I saw the cruelty
Underneath your facade
Outside there is beauty
Inside an evil so odd

A shape so unbalanced
Impossible to distinguish between Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
A body ripe to be touched
Yet a soul that has constantly driven men blind

She Said,
''Poet why do you not glance at me like the others?''
I replied,
''A writer himself creates characters''

For I see you as you are
My penmanship will depict you
Just alongside the ever-fading moon you are a forgotten star
Though my lips still wish to kiss you

And I ache in this sweet bitterness
That is life
Will you be my savior from this inwardness?
As your figure tells no lies...

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

I Wander

I Wander
Seeking out your name
I wonder
If we will ever meet again

I surrender
To your eternal flame
I hinder
At the thought of your game

I Wander
Through rainy streets
I wonder
If you are still a sight to believe

I wonder
If you are still alive
I Wander
Till the moment I die...

Pleading Guilty

It was just so desirable
So desirable
My heart wore
An emblem so heartlessly satirical

Walked through streets cold and dark
Yet passion could not
Spare a spark
And in your web of lies I got caught

Still I want you
To want me

There is no sin
Nothing worse could happen
When you are Pleading Guilty to love
An indictment will never be enough

There is no excuse
No way the words could be misused
When I am Pleading Guilty to love
A conviction will never be enough

You were just so admirable
So admirable
My palm wore
The logo of your name so secular

Transfer me to the prison of love
And kiss me before I depart
I have no idea of what I deserve
Afterwards I might burn away the allure from your heart

Still I need you
To need me...

Sunday, 23 March 2014

An Unknown Hero

A teardrop falls on the letter
Stains the familiar handwriting- lovely and slender
Of his wife, oh, how he had missed her
Telling him the good news, the birth of their daughter
Someone places a comforting hand on his shoulder
It was his dear comrade; like him an army soldier
Who knew that his friend's tears were not of happiness
But rather, he was drowning in sadness
Like they would tomorrow, in blood
Never to return.
He leaves the grieving man by the camp fire
Who was ruing how he had left the heavenly life behind
He would have been so happy
Together with his family
But war had snatched that away
What good had it done anyways?
Aching for his wife and daughter- who he would never see again
He gets up in despair
And alongside his sleeping squad, lays down
Who were strewn like corpses on the ground.
He closes his eyes, his body writhing as he fights the nightmares
Incomparable to the bloodshed he would soon face.

The world around him was slowly destroyed
As blood and earth rained
The shrieks of horror, as brutal as the deaths itself
The war, the closest thing to hell.
A mortar blast at their squad
Sends him tumbling to the ground.
With terrible ringing in his ears, he painfully sits up
And sees a steady stream of blood gushing in the mud
Coming from a grotesque, gaping hole
Where a soldier's leg had been before...
As the ringing subsides
He hears the soldier's piercing, agonizing cries
Alongside his brother's screams, who desperately tries to help
His tears flowing like the blood itself
Holding him against his heart
Like a baby in its mother's arms
But his efforts were hopeless
His brother was now forever silenced...
He had had enough
This life had given him nothing but pain and hurt.
Without thinking or regret
He places a pistol on the side of his head
And in that brief moment, his reddened eyes meet those of the sitting soldier
And glares at him as if he's some monster
Criticizing him for mercilessly killing others
For being part of the death and gore
For being a slave of the government who for no reason at all
Were foolishly waging this war
Before he pulls the trigger
And his lifeless body falls onto his dead brother
The sound echoing in the dazed soldier's head
As he falls down unconscious, everything black.

He wakes up as cold water stings his face
In a dark room, tied to a chair
From a lamp, blinding light
Was piercing his eyes
He was in the bunker they were tasked to bomb
But, apparently, they had lost the war.
A firm punch to the face
Sends blood spattering down, his head throbbing with pain
From a disgusting chubby man
Sneering at him from under his mustache
Who shouts out angry questions
But he stays strong against the demanding words.
After a painful beating, the soldier still wouldn't answer
And, frustrated, a gun is aimed at him by his interrogator
The gun glaring at him, at his forehead
He closes his eyes, welcoming death
And hears the sound of the fired bullet
Silence... was he dead?
He opens his eyes
His friend from the campfire smiling at him, behind him a dreamy light
Was he really in heaven?
And then he spots the interrogator on the floor, dead
He feels his comrade cutting the ropes with a knife
And hears muffled sounds of battle outside
Escaped hostages, the last of the resistance
Who would be wiped out soon, in an instant.
Suddenly, the dead interrogator sits up
In his shaking hand, a gun
On his face, an evil smile
Wild ferocity in his eyes
With all the life he has left
Before he falls dead
He pulls the trigger, the bullet roars past
And penetrates deep into his friend's heart
His startled cry
Sends shivers down his spine
Who drops down, the heavy thud
Shatters his already damaged world
He bursts free from the ropes with inhuman strength
And rushes towards his dying friend.

''Think of all the women we would impress
The medals we would get
We'd be feared by our enemy
And welcomed back as heroes of the country!''

There was nothing better in the world
For the little boy than to watch the lake change colour
Black.. orange... yellow... blue
And along with the birds that flew
Above the horizon, in the distance
It would brighten his hard life in an instant
And he had the whole place to himself.
Mesmerised by the beautiful sounds of the forest
He steps inside
The warm, soothing water and closes his eyes
Gently drifting away with the breeze
Humming a song, daydreaming peacefully
But the little boy did not know how to swim
And before he realized the trouble he was in
He begins to drown
His arms thrashing wildly, screaming out loud
But it was no use
By the lake, he was consumed
And as he breathes his last breath, he feels his soul depart
Torn away from his body by an angel's arms.
When he looks into the angel's eyes
It smiles
But it wasn't an angel, it was a boy just like him
And when he stares at his wet skin that glistened
The sand between his fingers
He knew he was his saviour.
The boy offers him a hand saying, ''Are you okay?''
He holds it and smiles as they walk away.

He stares into his lifeless eyes
Ruing how he couldn't repay him for saving his life.
He spots on his dead comrade's back
The bomb inside a bag
There was little time left
The hostages outside would soon be dead.
He sets the bomb to detonate
His damaged soul would soon be out of here.
He sits beside his fallen friend
Takes out the letter from deep inside his pocket
And reads it for the last time
The final remembrance of his wife
With his blood-stained hands he traces a heart
Before he's reduced to ashes in the blast
Deep in the land of the country that is now free
Where war is merely a memory
But one thing still remains
What was his name? ...

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Thank You!

This post is dedicated to all our readers, and friends. Yesterday Poetics101 reached a massive 1000 pageviews!

Without the help of you all, our faithful readers, we would not have been blessed with such newly-found popularity.

No matter where you found out about the blog:, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We give our acknowledgement to everybody.

Also, recognition to all those who have commented, whether anonymously or non-anonymously.

Additional gratitude goes to Samie Khan and Hamza Danish. Without their friendship, and advertising back-up, Abdullah and I could not have achieved such greatness.

Remember that we are just writers. Only with readership support can we go the distance, and turn our official publication dreams to a reality.

Bless all of you - and most of all - Thank You!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Cold-Blooded Killer

A glob of spit lands at the side of his overturned hat
And the beggar looks up to see a grinning man
It was the landlord, unfair and cruel
Clad in a black, expensive suit
Standing over him as if he was a pompous god
Who walks away haughtily with his bodyguards.
The beggar rises from the shadows
Walks towards a shriveled, suffering, old man leaning in the snow
Fishes out the coins he had collected from his hat
And places it into the old man's frostbitten hand
A grateful smile forming on his wrinkled, miserable face.
The beggar pulls out a sharp blade
Which glints intimidatingly in the moonlight
Hungering for the blood of the landlord in sight.
He begins to tail the man through the crowd
Stalking him like a bloodthirsty hound
For he was no beggar
He was The Cold-Blooded Killer.

The poor young boy sells fishes in the corner
Scars cover his innocent face, from the beatings of the father
Who had cast him out yelling gruffly
To earn money for the family
He hadn't slept; the whole day spent relentlessly fishing.
With arms and hands aching
And with puffy, reddened eyes he is slowly counting
The few coins he's managed to earn
But suddenly, someone snatches his purse
And the timid boy is slapped firmly
By the landlord, who sneers at him wickedly.
He watches helplessly as the bodyguards
Destroy all his precious hard work, and they depart.
The boy stares blankly at the ground
Longing dearly to be thrust deep down
But no, he could not face his father
His timid heart unable to bear anymore torture.
The killer watches as the boy faints
His grip tightening on his blade
And like a determined hunter
Follows- The Cold-Blooded Killer.

The graceful, captivating maiden buys a rose from the flower seller
And places it into the hair of her adorable younger sister
Who rushes forward and hugs her warmly
In return, her soft, delicate cheeks are kissed gently.
But their embrace is cut short
The maiden is pulled roughly by the landlord
And her sister falls heavily to the ground
The rose slipping out of her hair and falling down.
The vicious man treats the innocent maiden foully
Who desperately tries to shake free
Her little sister crying shrilly also tries to help
But her timid efforts have no effect on the wretch.
The landlord puckers his nasty lips
And kisses the maiden disgustingly against her will
Flungs her after he's done- as if she's garbage- into the snow
Before he walks away, trampling on the rose...
The maiden covers her face in humiliation and agony
Whimpers softly as she weeps hurtfully
Her little sister tries to comfort and soothe
The pain, but even her sweet, lovable voice could not heal her wounds.
An ice-cold gust of air blows
Across him as he watches the crying maiden, kneeling in the snow
The blade shaking in his hand with anger
Enough was enough, for The Cold-Blooded Killer.

Like a ravenous cougar climbing a tree
He swiftly climbs the pipe; freezing and slippery
Of the landlord's mansion
Ancient, deathly black and dull.
He stops dead as he hears dreadful shrieks of a man
Looking through a window, he sees a tied man being whipped on the back
A man who had probably not paid his debts
And not far from being dead
The ground splattered with blood
His cries for help unheard
But this was all about to end soon.
He continues forward until he reaches the window of the landlord's room
Who rests in his crimson armchair; exhausted and tired
And drinks blood-red wine in front of a burning fire
Playing with a doll, a small toddler
Who sits at the feet of her father.
She pulls at his leg wanting him to play
Annoyed, he snatches the doll and shoves her away
The toddler begins to wail loudly
At which point, the killer sneaks in softly
Stealthily walks towards his target, holding out his blade
The flames of the fire dancing on its lustrous surface.
He taps the landlord's shoulder
Who turns around, his heart leaps at the sight of the killer
And during the split-second meeting of their eyes
He feels regret for the first time in his life
The fear of all his victims burn fiercely in his heart
Before the killer slits his throat...
He gurgles sickly, grabs his neck
Searching desperately for something that would save him from death
Until his head falls to his shoulder
His lifeless eyes looking deep into the fire
Never more would he cause pain.
Wiping blood from his cherished blade
He grabs the doll from the dead father
And hands it to the cute, little toddler
Who smiles at this heroic stranger
Who had saved her from the wickedness of her father.
The killer squeezes the child's cheek lightly
Who was hugging her doll dearly
And when she looks up at the stranger
He was gone- The 'Cold-Blooded' Killer...

Sunday, 9 March 2014


Saddened, Saddened by the lies
Saddened, Saddened by the alibis
Saddened, Saddened by the cries
Could my eyes get any wetter?

The flow of my dreams
Emitted in multiple streams
No wonder I do not know what reality really means
For hopeless romance I am a trendsetter

Still nobody knows about
You and me
And about
Our untold love story

Yet nobody knows about
You and me
And about
Our bold love story

Half-asleep, half-awake
How many pills did you take?
How many emotions did you fake?
That even God has forsaken you

Broken, broken hearts
Into tiny, tiny parts
A qualm never to be justified by words
Even passion failed to awaken you

Still nobody knows about
You and me
And about
Our untold love story

Yet nobody knows about
You and me
And about
Our bold love story...

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Looking Out The Window

I look out the window of my gloomy room
At the kids playing in the late afternoon
'Rowdy' and 'Hooligans', my parents would say
And would order me to stay away
I watch as they play a game of football
By the beautiful sport I'm enthralled
I had always wanted to be a footballer
But my dreams are confined to the football jersey I currently wear
Since my parents felt it was a waste, to my dismay.
They stop as a car parks in a neighbouring driveway
And out steps an elderly man
Who attempts to carry his heavy bags with his feeble hands
The kids- including the small toddler watching from the side- rush to help him
And on his aged face forms a wrinkled grin
After they finish, he offers them some money seeing as they worked so much
But they only thank him for his offer leaving me and the old man touched
For the first time, I begin to doubt my parents words
The 'hooligans' were out there, changing the world
Doing what I had been told to do my whole life
Yet to a world of study I was confined inside.

A sparrow lands on the window sill
Free to move about according to her will
Fluffs up her dazzling, brown feathers
Chirps happily, proudly showing her colours
Turns around and stares at me as if I'm some strange
Animal living in a cage
For a moment, I see a look of pity in her beady-eyes
Before she flies towards the oak tree rising high into the sky
And lands on a branch alongside her fellow sparrows
Who chirp away, never having to worry about tomorrow
I watch enviously as they fly away
Into the vast world; to me an unknown place
Until the setting sun eats them up
But wait, why does the tree partly cover the sun?
And I realize how I hadn't looked at it for a long time
The sun behind making it shine
Leaving me awestruck as the sight of this mighty tree
But not for long, for its time for me to study...

Friday, 28 February 2014

Seeing Stars

In the night sky
All the Stars lie
Where is her constellation?

My eyes are dry
From tears that I always cry
Whenever I am in anticipation

Dear Lord,
Let me meet my long-lost lover one last time
Dear Lord,
Let me treat her with romance one last night

Love is a two-day holiday
But what is relaxation without desire?
Depict us in a portrait as it can never age
Our devotion will not cast a shadow on the world, but rather, a fire

My universe is colorless
Without her touch
Her amour is regularly absent
Provoking me to be hurt

In the night sky
All the Stars lie
Where is her constellation?

My eyes are dry
From tears that I always cry
Dear Lord, please take away this tingling sensation

With the instruments of my temptation
I play a sad melody
Fervor is just a minor distraction
That draws out the emotions of anybody

As the believer spends their nights in repentance
I spend mine in vain
My personal life feels like a death sentence
But before dying I wish to see you again...

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Journey Through The Inhuman World

Note: The poem takes place in a zombie post-apocalyptic scenario.

The deer comes to a halt and stoops low
To feed on the grass exposed through the thick blanket of snow
As it rises, the scintillating sun
Enlightens its prominent antlers and gentle brown fur
Suddenly, the serenity of the forest is disturbed by a thundering sound
And the deer falls down.
A young, teenage boy emerges from a thicket of trees
Holsters a large rifle onto his back with great unease
And goes to admire the kill; the bullet had precisely penetrated the heart
When he looks at the flowing blood, it splits open the mental scar of his past.

His dad and him trudge through the ruined city, having stuffed their bags with food and water
For the incoming deadly winter
Though the destruction around was too severe to withstand
He still felt secure holding his father's hand.
But suddenly their intertwined fingers part ways
Followed by a terrifying explosive sound, his father moans with pain
Clutching his heart he falls down
Removes his hand to reveal a bullet wound, horrifying and round
And gives him a forlorn look, the boy could tell what he meant, "I'm going to die, son."
But how could the boy deal with the loss of another loved one?
Both look at each other for the last time
An exchange of memories between him and the boys teary eyes
Before blood gushes out of his mouth and he falls in a heap.
The boy rushes towards his father and begins to weep
His tears falling into the puddle of streaming blood
He yells clamorously- and tugs
Like he did in the mornings, when he would wake him up
But this was one sleep that could not be undone.
The grotesque image of his dead father forever engraved in his brain.
An armed guard approaches, smoking a cigarette with a cruel smile on his face
Says into his radio: "Down one trespassing scumbag."
And that was it, the boy stands
Wipes his tears and takes out his dagger
With all the strength he can muster
With his eyes burning with inhuman rage
With the love he had for his father that turns into hate
Towards this man
He streaks forward and rams
The blade deep into the man's neck
Who gurgles sickly, down falls the cigarette
The ashes scatter, burning and blackened
Along with the guard and the boy- unconscious and heartbroken.

A month later, he sits in front of a fire under the starry sky
The embers glinting like fireflies in the night
The delicious aroma of roasting deer in the air
It was on these heavenly nights, when him and his father would come here
Away from the complications of life
And hunt until the sun went down, when they would ignite
The sweet-smelling wood that would warm
Him snuggled up to his father, away from harm.
But now, though the fire burns bright
He still feels cold, missing the warmth of his father by his side
He lays his head on the cold, rough snow
And closes his eyes to face the nightmares all alone.

The city looks more horrible than ever before
All around he sees wretched remains of the undead war
It was as if the boy had entered through the gates of Hell.
His supplies are scarce, and full of regret
Hastens toward the nearby school, where they were located
Keeping to the safe paths which his father had always taken.
On a dreary-looking wall, he spots a torn poster
He moves in closer
And realizes its a poster for a familiar zombie movie
He and his friends had found it so funny
And laughed at the dying people when they had gone to watch it before
But it wasn't funny anymore.
He begins to wonder if he really was in a movie
That the director would shout "Cut!" and he would go home happy
And hug his father like he always used to do
But sadly his wishes never did come true.
The deaths he had seen explode in his brain
Of everyone he had known, and with burning rage
Rips the poster down
The frightening, bloody, gaping zombie faces staring at him from the ground.
He hears a cry for help
And looks around the corner, rifle pressed to his chest
At a bony man being chased by zombies.
He looks closer at the menacing creatures and notices...they are humans!
Just then, the poor man stumbles to the ground and his pursuers grateful
Leap onto him and do the unthinkable
They begin to eat him alive!
They rip off chunks of his flesh, ignoring his cries
And devour them ravenously
Like animals grunt out with satisfaction hungrily
The boy grabs his stomach, struggles not to fall sick
He has never seen something as wicked as this.
The bloodthirsty cannibals rip the screaming man to shreds
But the boy was too scared to help
With the rifle in his hands trembling
He takes off running
The shrieks of the man still playing in his brain
Forever to haunt him in his nightmares.

He had always thought of the school building as sinister
After so many years, he realizes how wrong he was
Though now it was in a broken-down and atrocious state
Being confined inside had meant that he was safe
From the outside world.
His eyes fall on a ruined bus
And gasps as her face flashes in the window
He could not mistake her beauty and charming glow.
Every morning, he would be grouchy until the bus would arrive
And from the window she would flash him her captivating smile
Her face was like something from an artist's portrait
Every detail faultless and perfect
That would brighten his whole day up.
He still remembers their magical conversations
In the hallway before every class
Hoping they would forever last
But it was in the hallway that they did end
The school had been violated by the undead
Among the uproar, she worked towards him in an unnatural manner
Her lifeless eyes fixed on him, determined on murder
He knew she was dead
But his love for her drew him to help
Before she could make the final, lethal bite
A bullet sank into her brain from the side
The boy's eyes wide with shock, began screaming loudly
As a police officer guides him to safety.
The boy opens his eyes as the pain of the memories subside
And hurriedly moves towards the back of the school with fear of the approaching night.

The boy fills his bag with the supplies breathing heavily
Inside the room, dark and gloomy.
His heart leaps when he hears a chilling moan from behind him
And before he can react, he feels razor-sharp teeth sink into his skin
He cries out painfully; the red-eyed zombie bites harder
The boy pulls out his dagger
And shoves it right into its head
Cracking the skull and the zombie falls down dead.
The dazed boy stares at the wound blankly
He could feel the undead monster slowly taking control of his body
All his survival had been in vain
And now only one thing remained
With fear he cowers
As he grabs the rifle and puts it in his mouth
Places his finger on the trigger; he only had to pull it
Just pull it...but he couldn't!
He throws away the gun; ashamed of his cowardliness
And spends the brief amount of time he has left thinking about the happy memories
He feels the warmth of his father by his side return
Ending his Journey Through The Inhuman World...

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Lahore Vampires

Dark-brown eyed beauties
Giving you signals for the night
Long silky-brunette haired cuties
Leaving you tongue-tied

Faces with a white glow
Black eyeliner on their eyes
They never take it slow
But who would believe my lies?

From all that I know
There are Vampires in Lahore
Not mentioned in any folklore
But from all that I know

They feast on your blood
Pit feelings never kept aside
None of your words they have understood
Now check your neck's side

That is
If you're still alive
One teeth-gritted kiss
And your life has more than died

You are now the undead
And amour is eternal
Though if you trust a Lahore Vampire after you are dead
The end will assuredly be infernal...

Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Vampire In Town

Note: Inspired by Darren Shan's 'The Saga Of Darren Shan' and 'The Saga of Larten Crepsley.'

The vampire arrives at town
Glad to have found civilization, sighs happily out loud
With his stomach rumbling for blood, determined to feed
He slinks through the still, rainy streets
Making sure no one is around
He enters through the window of a dark, quiet house
Into a room of a sleeping couple in bed.
He makes a cut in the woman's exposed leg
And drinks the sweet, savory blood.
Looks up after he has quenched his thirst
And is stunned, no, not by her beauty and allure
But because he had seen her before.
His eyes fall on her ear, running down it a small scar
And he sputters out blood as the memories hit him like a stake through the heart.

He's walking down the street in the bright afternoon
Basking in the sunlight, whistling a tune
Suddenly, around the corner, he hears a loud cry of pain
And he rushes forward to help; half-afraid
A pretty, young girl- having fallen from her bicycle- weeps softly
A deep cut running down her ear; he calmly
Covers the wound with his blue shirt.
She stops crying because of his gentle touch
And looks up into his eyes
So beginning the friendship as they both smile.

The vampire stands there, reliving the joyous moments
Until the burning, tiny rays of early sunrise leave them broken
He yearns to look into her eyes once again
But with such little time left his wishes are in vain
He frantically studies her features
Her silky hair, graceful face and gentle lips
Runs his rough, scarred hand over her soft, smooth cheeks
Looks at the man alongside her and with his heart burning with sorrow and envy turns to leave.

He felt like the boy who had run away all those years ago
How he wished he had returned home
It was the same gloomy, cloudy sky
Except he had said to her a proper goodbye
The sun rays scathe his skin
Just like the grief that had been inside him.
He puts aside all thoughts of her
And hurries forward to find a cemetery for shelter.

He stops in front of house, takes off his hood
The haven of the memories of his childhood
Though there was a different family name on the mailbox to his dismay
He could still see his father picking up the morning newspaper at the start of the new day
Flashing him a charismatic grin, as he goes inside
His loving mother, kissing him goodbye
From the porch, as he runs past the tree to catch the school bus
The tree, so old it had become
The pillar of his friendship
He could see him and his best friend playing next to it
Talking and laughing at the petty things of life
Disclosing secrets to each other behind
But he could not stay there for long
The burning rays made him unhappily move along.

He comes to a halt- as the clouds shield
The blistering sun- in front of the football field
Oh, how he had missed the beautiful sport
He had even suggested it to the higher ranking vampires, only to be ignored.
He wished he could take off running
On the grass; so tempting
Just like he would in the old days
When his friends would be amazed
By his determination and skill.
But just then the clouds open up a bit, the sun burning his skin
And rain begins to pour down
Washing away his happiness as he hurriedly moves on.

He finally arrives at a cemetery
The sunlight had damaged him badly
He frantically searches for a crypt where he can sleep in
But wait...
His eyes fall on two graves
His parents' names etched in the worn out, grey tombstones
The hardened vampire could no longer keep his feelings under control
He falls to his knees
And begins weeping noisily
His tears merge with the heavy raindrops
And fall onto the soft, mossy earth of the graves
How could he?
How could he leave behind all this?
He had searched for a meaning and purpose in life
And now what was he? A blood-sucking, ferocious vampire!
He begins to shout apologies to his parents
Curses himself for his foolishness.
Claws at the dirty covetously
As if they would miraculously rise; before his shoulders slump in defeat.
The scorching sun was eating away his skin
But the pain was incomparable for what he felt for his sin
He wishes- so that his ashes could unite with theirs- he could burn away.
But he knew that was not the vampire way
He presses his face against the dirt
As if he was hugging them without love in return
And gets up reluctantly, wiping away the tears on his aching face
For his parents he quietly begins to pray
Before to destiny he surrenders
And hastens towards shelter...

Friday, 14 February 2014


Your eyes were so inviting
The night's over as I see the moon subsiding

Still I feel something's amiss

Your welcome into my life was perfect timing
Now all these emotions you keep hiding

On a shooting star I make one last wish

Instead of just coming online tonight
Would you please be mine tonight?

Your lies revealed that you were lying
Then I witnessed the sun rising

Realized that in my soul there's a misplacement of bliss

Your departure from my life couldn't be more surprising
Now all these feelings you keep hiding

Though I keep trying to justify this

Instead of just coming online tonight
Would you please be mine tonight?

The sun is setting so swiftly
But your face is all I want to see

Because my world is at a loss
If you're not part of it my love

So Instead of just coming online tonight
Would you please be mine tonight?

Instead of letting me feel withdrawn tonight
Would you please be my valentine tonight? ...

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Forgiving a Heartbreaker

You broke the heart
Of a dreamer
He thought you were love
When all you were was evil

He visualized you
As his only mistress
Still you tempted him
Just for a relief of stress

You broke the heart
The heart of a dreamer
Lust mistaken for love
You’re a soul criminal

Now you’re asking for forgiveness
From the dreamer
But will he spare another heartbeat?
For a Heartbreaker…


When you were going to make me cry all my life
Then why did you make my heart happy Once?

Even when you’re close you seem so far away
Then why did you take my heart in haste Once?

Our memories
Are not parts of reminiscence
Your lips
Were not meant for a warm-hearted man to kiss

When you were going to wake me up every night
Then why did you sing me a lullaby Once?

When you were going to leave me tonight
When why did you promise never to say goodbye Once?

Our secrets
Should be considered as lies
Our moments
Should be delivered to someone else’s mind

When you were going to make me cry all my life
Then why did you make my heart happy Once?
Even when you’re close you seem so far away
Then why did you take my heart in haste Once? …

Saturday, 1 February 2014


Was it a sign of compassion?
A mark leading to a road by which I was led astray
Times change
Though I will always keep in mind what people say along the way

The best things go left unsaid
And better so
But I hope your memories of me never become so dead
You better go

An act of kindness
By which I became so blind
A symbol of weakness
From which I can never reverse time

An example of blindness
You never saw me cry
A Gesture of love
As I will see it till the day I die

These green leaves turn orange-brown
As they wither away
The beauty of your soul will still take the form of my heart
Regardless of its decay…

Every Time

Remember the first time?
We exchanged hellos
It was the last time
I could picture our halos

Time can never be reversed
The sad truth of life
Voices in the rain can barely be heard
Especially during twilight

Whenever you walk past by
I remember the first time
When I saw you with that smile
Now Every Time feels like the first time

Recall the last time?
We spoke delicately to each other
Neither do I
I am indeed a misled lover

Depression can never be fully healed
What psychiatrists say is a lie
Scars are never fully concealed
Just like these feelings that cannot subside

I hope this is the last time
That we see each other
Because it is past time
You confess that I am not your eternal lover…

Thursday, 30 January 2014


The flame’s unbearable
Still I give in to you
The taste’s unnatural
Still I’d give everything to be with you

Will you rise again?
From the Ashes
Will you be mine again?
No faint promises

’Cause you burn inside
Your tobacco's running through my veins
Trying to let go of you and how hard I've tried
I can’t let the smoke out ‘cause it pains

Stay inside me
Won’t let you fade away into smoke
You don’t have to pay to ride me
I’d rather choke

Will you rise again from the Ashes?
Like a phoenix
Will you be mine again and forget all that happened
Before my heart sinks

And fades away as smoke…